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Which 90s Pop Band Do You Belong In?

Pop bands were pretty much the most important thing of the 90s. Whether they were your favorite band that you followed religiously, the object of your first crush, or your biggest role models, they were definitely important.

There were so many pop bands in the 90s it was sometimes hard to keep track of them all, but there were absolutely some stand outs. Spice Girls were one of the biggest groups, Backstreet Boys are still performing, and Destiny's Child was how we all met Beyoncé!

There are a lot to choose from, and you might be wondering "which one would I be best suited to?" Well lucky for you, we know exactly which band you should be in!

This quiz will help you learn about which pop band of the 90s would have been better with you in it!

So, are you happy with which band you got? Does it fit? Were they your favorite?

Share your results with a friend and see if they would be in the same band as you!