You're Gonna Make It After All! Where Are They Now The Mary Tyler Moore Show Edition

Celebrate Mary Tyler Moore's birthday by looking back at one of the greatest shows of all time! The Mary Tyler Moore Show was an iconic and acclaimed show that lasted seven seasons. The cast was filled with amazing characters in a first-of-it's-kinds series about an unmarried woman going after a career.

It's been almost 40 years since The Mary Tyler Moore Show ended, so what is the cast up to now?


Mary Tyler Moore - Mary Richards


Mary Tyle More is 80 years old now and just as wonderful as ever. She won an Oscar in 1980 and has continued acting ever since, most recently reuniting with former co-star Betty White in Hot in Clevland.

Gavin MacLeod - Murray Slaughter

He is literally from a place called Pleasantville, and it is keeping pretty busy! He was the captain of the Love Boat for many years and since then has had many parts in TV shows.

Edward Asner - Lou Grant

I think Edward Asner's list of movies in post-production is the longest I have ever seen! He has so many projects on the go at once it's super impressive! One that I didn't realize he was in was Up! He was the voice of Carl.

Ted Knight - Ted Baxter

Unfortunately Ted Knight passed away back in 1986, but his legacy will live on.

Valerie Harper - Rhoda Morgenstern


She even got her own spin off "Rhoda" after the original show ended. She is still acting in many TV shows to this day despite her battle with cancer!

Georgia Engel - Georgette Franklin


She also recently joined Betty White in Hot in Cleveland for almost 20 episodes and has also made a bunch of other TV movies and TV series.

Betty White - Sue Ann Nivens

Betty White is a treasure. She is America's most favorite Sweetheart and she deserves all the love.

Cloris Leachman - Phyllis Lindstrom

Cloris Leachman is hilarious and has kept crazy busy after this show ended. She is currently filming in the new show called American Gods based off the Neil Gaiman book that people are pretty excited about.

Happy Birthday Mary Tyler Moore! Thank you for the many years of joy you have given us!