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10 Actors Who Were Scarred For Life By Their Biggest Roles


Acting is a pretty hard job. Some actors put themselves under really intense conditions to get the performances they want out of themselves, and in the case of these 10, they went a little too far.

Martin Sheen was under so much stress while filming Apocalypse Now that he actually had a heart attack

Stanley Kubrick genuinely isolated and tormented Shelley Duvall to get the performance out of her that he wanted for The Shining

Janet Leigh was so terrified of showers after filming her murder scene in Psycho that she opted for baths instead for quite some time

Speaking of Alfred Hitchcock movies, the director threw live birds at actress Tippi Hendren to get a genuinely terrified reaction from her in The Birds.

The stories get crazier from here...

Malcolm McDowell's cornea was scratched while filming the brainwashing scene in A Clockwork Orange. He gave up acting for a while afterwards.

Roman Polanski made Mia Farrow, an avid vegetarian, eat raw liver as part of a scene in Rosemary's Baby


The actors in The Blair Witch Project were given very little food in order for them to stay moody. The filmmakers would also scare them during the night

Daniel Day-Lewis insisted on staying in his wheelchair during the entire filming of My Left Foot. His slouching was so bad it caused him to break two ribs.

JoBeth Williams had to swim with real human skeletons in Poltergeist


After the release of The Exorcist, Linda Blair was harassed by the press for her thoughts on the "true" events depicted in the movie, even though she was only 13.

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