7 Things You Need To Know About The Man In The Barney Suit

Barney the big purple dinosaur was a part of every kid's life. He was a sensation in the 90s, every kid knew the songs and every parent dreaded the moment their kid asked to watch the movie again. Barney WikiThe repetitive songs, the cheerful children, and the colorful cast of dinosaurs were addictive for kids. You couldn't go to any kids house without seeing some sort of Barney merchandise around. PBSThe one thing we never really knew was what the man inside the suit looked like. It's been one of those things that just slips from your mind but now


13 Overused 90s Phrases We All Thought Were So Cool

We all had those memorable phases and quotes that we used SO much in the 90s, all of which got really old, really fast. That didn't seem to deter us at all. We used these sayings as though they were the most clever and original thing on the planet, laughing hysterically as we delivered our best zingers. @WeAre90sKidsHow many of these do you remember throwing around, or are you one of the people still using them? Talk to the hand! WiffleGifAll that and a bag of chipsTumblrAs if!GiphyBiotch / Beeotch TumblrThe BombGiphyBuggin'GiphyDon't go there girlfriend! Gurl.comGettin' JiggyGiphyThere are so


Summer In The 90s Was Better And There's No Debate

Now that we are getting closer to the real summer months, you know kids are just itching to get into that summer vacation time. But really, ours was just infinitely better than theirs could possibly be! OMGStoryThe things we did, the shows we watched, the games we played, everything we had has got to be better than what kids have now right? The day in the life of a kid on summer vacation in the 90s had a few things that had to happen. You would wake up, eat some kind of amazing cereal that was essentially chocolate, cookies or


20 Abandoned Amusement Park Characters You'd Probably Rather Not Find

There are few things that are more exciting than going to a theme park as a kid. Whether it's a Disney, Universal, or any smaller local park it will pretty much always be a good time. The problem is, not all of these are as long lasting as you may think. There are hundreds of abandoned theme parks all over the world that are just rotting away. The longer they sit, the less they look like a fun family excursion, and the more they look like the climactic scene of a horror movie. How would you feel roaming around an


7 Weird Food Commercials That Will Remind You Just How Bizarre Your Childhood Was

We have shown you some old commercials for clothing in the 80s, we have reminded you of the strange toy commercials from the 90s, but there is still so much more weirdness out in the world. The 90s were perhaps the pinnacle of weird as far as commercials go. I mean, sure there are still some really bizarre ones on TV, but nothing quite as strange as these. The food commercials from the 90s were perhaps the worst of all. Check out 7 of the weirdest food commercials from the 90s and see if you remember any of them! GushersBecause