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10 Elementary School Situations You Dreaded, But Which Was Really The Worst? (Poll)

Everyone who successfully survives elementary school and middle school really deserve a special award. Some kind of honor bestowed upon them other than just graduating because it really is a crazy time.

There are endless amounts of issues you face, not to mention the piles of homework, all while going through puberty? Just seems cruel doesn't it. We all faced a lot of problems growing up, but which do you think was worse?

It's time to play a game and find out which was the worst thing we all managed to survive.

How did your opinions compare? School was hard and we all managed to survive a lot. If you have any good stories share them in the comments and see if anyone else had a similar experience!

At least there was always the promise of a movie day or a parachute game gym class to look forward too. It's probably a good idea to try and remember some of the best days of elementary school so you don't get too many bad memories flooding your brain!

Share with a friend to see if they agree with what was the worst part about elementary school!