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10 Epic Movie Themes That Get You Pumped Up The Second You Hear Them

Nothing makes a movie quite like an awesome theme song, and a bunch of the movies from the 70s, 80s an 90s had the absolute best ones. You wouldn't tend to pick them for workout jams, but think about it; is there any music that actually does a better job of getting you pumped up? We have a feeling you'll agree after hearing these 10 themes.

Mortal Kombat

A movie about the world's greatest fighters taking each other on in a tournament needed a suitably badass theme song, and boy did The Immortals deliver. The ultimate pump-up jam from the 90s.


John Williams has been making epic movie themes for decades, but one of his oldest is still one of his best. Toss this on during some reps if you want to feel like the Man of Steel himself.


The Rocky series gave us the exercise montage, so it's only fair that its theme song show up on here. Maybe you'll even be able to run up the famous steps in Philadelphia!

Space Jam

The movie that got an entire generation of kids interested in basketball had some slammin' tunes, and the intro theme still gets us pumped up today.

The jams just get even more awesome from here...

Conan The Barbarian

It's been used in commercials for things like The Legend of Zelda for decades, and Basil Poledouris's theme for Conan the Barbarian still makes us want to lift heavy things until we look like a shirtless Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Back To The Future

Alan Silvestri turns in one of the catchiest and most epic themes of all time, and if it doesn't make you want to jump on your hoverboard and go shred up a storm, nothing will.


Danny Elfman's theme for the 1989 movie is as iconic as it ever was, and if you wanna kick ass like the Caped Crusader, you should try doing some deadlifts to this bad boy.

Indiana Jones

An archaeologist traveling to the scariest parts of the world while also evading the Nazis needs to be in pretty peak physical shape, and if you combine this awesome John Williams theme with some cardio, you will be too.

Mission: Impossible

So iconic it's remained awesome since the original TV show, the Mission: Impossible theme just makes you want to bungee jump between some lasers.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

You may not be a cybernetic organism with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton, but do some crunches to this theme and you'll definitely feel like it. Come with me, if you want to lift.

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