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10 Iconic Bullies From Our Childhoods We All Loved To Hate

Growing up wasn't easy. You have to deal with your body changing, homework you didn't want to do, and your parents being real pains in your butt. But the worst thing of all? There were always mean kids trying to make it worse!


Didn't they understand that we were all going through the same thing and maybe we should be supportive of each other? Well, that's not how it went.


Bullies are a real issue in the world, and because so many of us have experience with them TV shows like to add them in for added tension. It makes the main characters super relatable when you know they are going through the same things you are.

Here are 10 of the biggest bullies that you likely remember from your childhood, which one was most like the bully from your school?

Angelica from Rugrats


She was pretty mean to a bunch of babies, but then again, she was dealing with a bunch of babies. She was quite the spoiled brat though!

Nelson from The Simpsons


Nelson is kind of an interesting one because it's like he wants to be a bully, but he has all these moments where you know he isn't as bad as he seems. Also there's that whole episode where he dates Lisa that is pretty adorable.

Binky from Arthur


Arthur had a lot of trouble with Binky over the years, but half the time they are just friends? It's a little confusing.

Helga from Hey Arnold


She was SO mean to everyone, including Arnold, even though she was secretly in love with him. Sure, she had a pretty disturbing childhood, but still. I think that this character may have given people this bad precedent that all bullies were just secretly in love with you... Sometimes they are just mean.

The Ashleys from Recess

Walt Disney Televison

These are one of the worst kinds of bullies. They act like they are better than you, they talk behind your back, and yet no one ever suspects a thing! A true nightmare.

These may seem like the worst of the worst, but there were even more. Click to the next page to see some of the most evil villains from our childhood!

Roger Klotz from Doug


It took him three years to make it out of sixth grade so he is much older than everyone else in his class which makes everything a little awkward. He's so much bigger than the rest of the kids and is just SO mean.

Janet from The Magic School Bus


She may look like Arnold with different glasses on, but this little nightmare is one of the worst bullies ever! She was so annoying that her cousin literally almost killed himself in THE FIRST EPISODE! Arnold takes off his space helmet on Pluto because Janet is being such a brat! How insane is that? I mean, it's a cartoon so he was fine, but still pretty scary for a kid to watch.

Team Rocket from Pokemon


Do they realize that they look like they are full grown adults and they are essentially attacking small children? That's just not cool. I understand that they were he bad guys of the show, but it just seemed like they were always a little bit excessive right?

The Tough Customers from Arthur


Sure, they were friends with Binky so it makes sense that they were also bullies, but they were really not cool. Luckily they eventually learn the error of their ways.

Randall From Recess

Walt Disney Television

Seriously, this kid was the worst. He's one of those characters that you think about and still hate to this day. He was such a pain, constantly sneaking around and spying on everyone, no one likes a tattletale Randall!

Did any of these remind you of the bullies in your school? Did watching the show give you any tips on how to handle them?

Let us know in the comments which TV bully you hated the most!