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10 Movies No Studio Would Agree To Make Today

Times are really different now, especially when it comes to the film industry. People are much more aware of what is offensive and socially acceptable. The problem is, movies and TV shows live on forever so we have the record of what really happened.

Even cartoons had a lot of content in them that would now be thought of as offensive, but when they were made it was acceptable. Did you ever notice these things when you were young?

1. The Siamese cat part in Lady and the Tramp


The accent that these cats have definitely wouldn't fly these days.

2. Song of the South


Probably the most notorious Disney movie, Song of the South isn't even available. The only thing from it that Disney will allow out of the vault is the song Zip-a-dee-doo-dah and that might only be because it won an Oscar. The NAACP said that the film "helps to perpetuate a dangerously glorified picture of slavery," and so Disney decided to keep it locked in the vaults.

3. Crows in Dumbo


They aren't the only part of Dumbo that gets in trouble. There is a song that literally has a phrase that says "we salve until we're almost dead." But these birds have been troublesome as they are voiced and dressed in a way that represents African-American stereotypes.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany's

Paramount Pictures

Yikes. This one is particularly brutal. Mickey Rooney, plays a Japanese person and it did not go over very well. There was a lot of controversy and even director, Blake Edwards, wishes he could go back and change it. In the commentary on the 45th anniversary DVD release, he sai  "Looking back, I wish I had never done it... and I would give anything to be able to recast it."

5. Peter Pan "Red man"


Once again, the song in this Disney classic is troublesome. Check it out for yourself...

There are even more characters in some of your favorite movies that are actually pretty insensitive when you look back on them...

6. Aristocats - Siamese Cat (again!)


Disney doesn't have the best track record when it comes to Siamese cats. In this one not only does he have an accent but he plays the piano with chopsticks.

7. Soul Man

New World Pictures

After taking "tanning pills" this kid manages to get into law school on an African-American scholarship. It's just a really good example of blatant black-face makeup and really wouldn't work these days.

8. Blazing Saddles

Warner Bros.

Yes, it is a classic comedy, but, the language used in the movie probably wouldn't be tolerated. In 2004 director Mel Brooks spoke up and said that the offensive language was kind of required for the theme. He said "The engine that drove Blazing Saddles was hatred of the black. It was rare prejudice. Without that the movie would not have had nearly the significance, the fore, the dynamism, and the stakes that were contained in it."

9. Porky's

20th Century Fox

If you had to judge the entire movie by this screenshot, you would know that it probably couldn't get made today. In this movie they do all kinds of horribly stuff, including this particular scene where they peep on the female locker room.

10. The original Bugs Bunny Show


So it's not a movie, but the original show had a lot of things that probably wouldn't make it through the censors. There were racial slurs, prejudice and obviously violence. Sure a lot of things are still violent now, but this show went through a lot of changes when it evolved into the Bugs Bunny we know and love now.

A lot of these are absolute classics that we know aren't the best, but we still love them.