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10 Reasons Johnny Bravo Is Still Our Favorite Cartoon Doofus

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Johnny Bravo was Cartoon Network's most lovable, macho doofus. Even though the show only ran for 4 seasons in the early 2000s, it's still remembered fondly to this day. Here's just a few of the reasons why.

1) The theme song

It's just a super catchy horn section and Johnny dropping one-liners, but somehow it's managed to stay stuck in our heads for decades.

2) His atrocious pickup lines

Johnny fancied himself a ladies man, but ultimately the ladies all saw past his ripped bod and rejected him for being the (ultimately kinda gross) moron he was.

3) How concerned he was for his mama

Johnny absolutely loved Mama Bravo, and when she found herself a new lover, Johnny always got a bit jealous. Ultimately, he just wanted to be sure she was safe.

4) How the show could be surprisingly adult

Yup, that's Farrah Fawcett making a joke about being tied up. On a kids show. Wow.

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5) Let's not forget about Suzy

Suzy was Johnny's neighborhood friend and possibly the only girl in the show who actually had a crush on him. She's as smart as he is dumb, and this often led to some great comedy.

6) Or Johnny's dorky best friend, Carl

Carl Chryniszzswics (who shares a voice actor with Spongebob Squarepants) was a total geek that idolized Johnny despite the face that Johnny often treated him like garbage.

7) Or Jungle Boy, a regular star of his own segment

Jungle Boy is a tiny child with the strength of ten men, and his misadventures were a nice change of pace from Johnny's.

8) He had awesome guest stars, like Adam West!

West plays a version of himself that hosts a TV show about helping people, which he often does in hilariously brutal ways. Johnny asks him to help him when Mama Bravo "disappears" (turns out she's late from shopping).

9) He also had the right priorities

Cartoon Network

Are we really surprised?

10) Seriously though, he really was a doofus

But we loved him for it. Genuinely.

What was your favorite thing about Johnny Bravo?

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