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10 Teachers We All Wished We Had When We Were Kids

There were just so many television shows in the 90s that were set in schools. Pretty much every show that was intended for kids was set in a school environment so there were always a lot of teachers around. Some were kind of a nightmare, but there were a lot of really great teachers that we all wished we had.

There are of course some great teachers in real life, but when you're a kid the ones on TV seem so much cooler. Which of these teachers did you think was the best?

1. Mr. Ratburn


Mr. Ratburn has a name that makes you think he is going to be terrifying, but in reality he wasn't so bad!

2. Miss Bliss


It must have taken a lot of patience to put up with that whole Bayside gang. Between Zack always stopping time and Screech just being Screech, there was a lot to deal with.

3. Mr. Turner


He helped take care of Shawn when his parents went away and really was the best guardian he could ask for. He was in a motorcycle accident in the show but he actually made a comeback in the spin off Girl Meets World 18 years later. Apparently it was Mr. Turner that hired Cory as a history teacher!

4. Mr. Pool


Sabrina Spellman had a lot going on during her high school years. Not only was she going through puberty and all those super fun social politics, but she was also training to be a witch. Her teacher Mr. Pool was pretty nice the entire way through and was a nice counter balance to Mr. Kraft who was very unpleasant.

5. Peggy Hill


Peggy Hill is a very confident woman, especially when it comes to her teaching skills. She is very proud of her ability to teach Spanish (whether or not she should be) and sometimes teaching confidence is important too.

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6. Mrs. Geist-Hall


She first appeared in the movie version of Clueless, but Ms. Geist (now Mrs. Geist-Hall) returned for the TV show. Just as flustered as always, Mrs. Geist-Hall was always a very sweet lady.

7. Mr. Cooper


This teacher used to play in the NBA so he has that cool thing going for him. He was a great teacher and managed to find love while also enriching the lives of his students.

8. Edna Krabapple


Okay sure, she is a bit cranky sometimes, but you would be too if you had that class of ten-year-old kids for 30 years. Bart is a lot to handle, and Nelson is mean, Martin is irritating and Millhouse is kind of depressing. She does however have a special connection with Bart that proves they understand each other.

9. Ms. Frizzle


There is class I would rather be a part of than Ms. Frizzle's class. I mean, how did she get the bus? Who trained her pet lizard? Who designs her outfits? Everything about Ms. Frizzle is absolute perfection. I wonder what they are going to do with the Magic School Bus reboot.

10. Mr. Feeny


Mr. Feeny is probably the first guy you think of when you hear the word 'teacher'. He was such a good influence on the Matthews family whether at school or even just when they needed advice at home. He was the best of the best and they were so lucky to have him.

Who was your favorite TV show teacher? Share in the comments!