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10 Things You Absolutely Did Every Time You Went Shopping With Your Parents

At one point or another, your parents had to bring you to the store. Whether you wanted to or not, your parents needed to get groceries, clothes or general house things that were a real pain in the butt for you.

There were two type of kids, the ones that enjoyed going shopping and the ones who would rather do anything else. Some kids appreciated the giant playground that a store could be, while the rest were just dreading every second of it.

If you ever went shopping with your parents chances are you remember at least one of these things:

1. Pulling out the coupons or numbers from the dispenser

2. Hiding in the clothes racks

3. Playing with the doors on display in the home renovation stores

4. Attempting to sneak the GOOD cereal into the cart when your parents weren't looking

5. Not paying attention when your parents turned a corner and thinking they abandoned you (but finding them 30 seconds later)

6. Or actually getting lost enough that you were found by an employee who had to page your mom or dad

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7. If you were really well behaved you would be able to get a sticker from the machine

8. Jumping onto the end of the cart and riding around, sitting in the cart, or even getting your own tiny cart to push

9. Or if you were lucky enough to go to Toys R Us you would have to go ride around on the bikes and scooters

10. Got really grumpy when you were being forced to try on new clothes when all you wanted to do was to go play in the toy section

11. Begging your parents for those vending machine toys that were just a small plastic figure that you would probably lose by the time you got to the car

Do any of these sound familiar? Share if you remember shopping with your parents!

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