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11 Shows We Made Sure To Plan Our Days Around


Watching TV was the best way to temporarily escape our lives when we were young. There were so many shows to choose from, and each of them took us on crazy adventures full of awesome characters that we loved to watch. The trick was that we always had to make sure we tuned in each week because it wasn't like we could watch it online later!

The best shows are still well-loved to this day. Which of these was your favorite when you were growing up?

The Twilight Zone


No show freaked us out more than The Twilight Zone when we were growing up. Honestly, the episodes still give us the creeps.



Who didn't want to be Samantha? I feel like her magical powers would solve a whole lot of problems, right?

I Dream of Jeanie


Magical characters were apparently all the rage because we all loved Jeanie just as much as Samantha! Jeanie did have a fancy little house though...

Gilligan's Island


Gilligan and his unlucky friends were all stranded on the island for years, but it was always fun for us to watch. He never did get rescued though...

Get Smart


Remember when the concept of having a phone on you at all times was so ridiculous that it would make more sense if it was hidden in your shoe?



Westerns were still super popular at the time so having a TV show that fit that theme was perfectly reasonable. Although, Bonzana was never really like all the other westerns from the time; instead, it had a lot of personal drama.

There are so many good shows to remember...

Hogan's Heroes


A group of war prisoners doesn't sound like it would be an enjoyable or particularly funny premise for a show, but you know what it worked! It had 6 seasons that basically all took place in one winter and people LOVED it.

The Brady Bunch


We all loved this big giant family for years and years. Depending on how old you were you would probably relate to different characters. It also was pretty unique by showcasing a blended family.

Lost in Space


Being lost in space is kind of a terrifying concept, but having those epic jumpsuits make it a lot more fun to watch!

The Andy Griffith Show


One of the biggest show of a generation, The Andy Griffith Show was watched by everyone. It was pretty much required viewing back in the day!

The Mary Tyler Moore Show


Mary Tyler Moore was an icon. Her show really made big changes to the way TV was made and we owe her a lot!

There are so many more classics, which was your must-see show when you were younger?