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11 Things From Your Childhood You Don't Even Remember

Obviously things have changed a lot since we were kids. With technology moving as quickly as it does, there are things that we used to do that seem completely outrageous now. The things that were normal even five or ten years ago seem completely archaic and ridiculous now.

There are definitely a few things that seem to stand out more than others though, especially when it comes to the things you forgot that you used to do regularly.

Being able to listen to music on a kiosk before buying it

These are probably still around in some malls, but a lot of the old CD stores seem to have closed down. I guess it isn't the worst thing, sharing headphones with hundreds of strangers isn't really the best thing ever.

Trying to find the right song on LimeWire when half of them are mislabeled

There is a special kind of evil out there and it resides in those who think it's okay to call a song by the wrong name. If you don't know the song, do not put it up there! It really wasn't fair to those of us on dial-up internet who waited three hours for it to download.

Being able to read song lyrics inside of the CD booklet

Virgin Records

There was honestly nothing more disappointing than opening up a new CD and having it just be pictures of the band. Please include the lyrics, otherwise we have no way to know if we are right.

Cleaning out your mouse ball

You can't have that mouse getting all clogged up! Clean it out every few months and realize just how gross you really are.

Paying per text message

Remember how mad your parents would get if you went over the limit on your plan? Each text cost so much!

Reading the TV listings in the newspaper or in the TV Guide

TV Guide

This was the only way to know if your show was going to be a repeat or not!

There's a lot more you probably remember too..

Getting film developed

Going to a store to develop your latest pictures feels like something you haven't done in ages. Now, people just load the pictures off their phones directly online, no need for a stranger to look at your pictures.

Being impressed by a flat screen TV even though the back side of it was still enormous

They were a step in the right direction, but they still weighed roughly 800lbs. Trying to move one was a complete nightmare.

T9 texting

Remember having to push the buttons more then once to get the letter you wanted?

Having to carry a cell phone, a digital camera, and an iPod if you wanted to be able to do it all

If you wanted to listen to music you needed a CD player or an iPod. If you wanted to take pictures you needed a camera. If you wanted to make phone calls you needed a phone. There wasn't anything that would have all of these things built into one, that would just be insane!

Saying BRB at all

Sad but true...

Which of these do you remember?