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12 Cartoon Dads We'd Love To Spend Father's Day With

Nothing made our childhoods complete quite like cartoons. Some of us were practically raised on them, making a bunch of the dads we saw on our TV screens feel like they were a part of our own families.


So, in honor of Father's Day, here's some of our favorite animated father figures that kept us entertained for years!

1) Homer Simpson - The Simpsons

20th Century Fox

He's nearly ruined his wife and kids' lives more than once. He also has an unfortunate tendency to strangle his 10 year old son. At the end of the day though, this lovable doofus loves his family more than anything.

Seriously though, wow.20th Century Fox

Look no further than the reason he stays at his soul-crushing job at the Nuclear Power Plant. When Maggie was born, he gave up his dream job to return to one that he hates because it was the only way to provide for her. He keeps photos of her in his station to remind him of that every day.


2) Chas Finster - Rugrats

Rugrats Wiki

Cartoons don't always have a ton of examples of single dads, so Chas definitely sticks out from the rest. A widower with a two year old, it's clear from the start of the series that he absolutely loves his son Chuckie and would do anything for him.


The episode where he shows Chuckie letters from his mom is absolutely gut-wrenching in a series that's normally silly. Thankfully, all works out well for Chas; he gets remarried, and Chuckie gets a step-sister.

Rugrats Wiki

3) Splinter - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Turtles Wiki

Born Hamato Yoshi in Japan before being exiled to America, the same mysterious Ooze that turns the turtles into wise-cracking humanoids turns the human Splinter into a giant rat. Undeterred, he teaches his adopted sons the art of ninjutsu and philosophy, and even gives them names after his favorite Renaissance painters.


Always ready with advice and warnings for his sons, Splinter devotes himself to caring or them above all else. Of course, he's also a warrior himself, so he isn't above stepping in to kick some ass when they're in danger.

4) Professor Utonium - The Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls Wiki

As the opening to each episode describes, Professor Utonium tried to make the perfect daughters by combining sugar, spice, and of course, everything nice. But when he accidentally added Chemical X to the mix, he created the perfect daughters who also happen to be superheroes.

Despite the fact that Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have the strength of a hundred adults and can fly, Professor Utonium is always ready to worry about his little girls and look after them when things go wrong.

Powerpuff Girls Wiki

5) Hank Hill - King of the Hill


Yeah, he's a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to letting his son be himself, and he could stand to lighten up a lot. None the less, Hank loves his family (even if he doesn't always admit it) and wants the best for them.


He may stifle Bobby's creativity, but he's also saved him from ridicule and embarrassment. He also keeps his friends in line when they do something nuts, and ultimately they love him for it.


6) Grandpa Phil - Hey Arnold!

Elite Daily

With Arnold's parents lost in the African wilderness, Grandpa Phil is the closest he has to a father. Thankfully, his grandfather absolutely adores his grandchild, and gives him all the guidance Arnold could ever need.

Elite Daily

In "Parents Day," one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the series, Arnold ultimately learns about what happened to his parents, but more importantly, comes to realize his grandparents are all he's ever wanted.

He also has a... colorful past.Complex

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7) Randy Marsh - South Park


Originally portrayed as an intelligent geologist with a doctorate, Randy Marsh has become South Park's resident absent-minded lunatic. Also, don't pretend you didn't watch South Park as a kid.


Between picking fights at his son's little league games, giving himself testicle cancer in order to be prescribed medicinal marijuana, or doing magic tricks with his penis, he pretty much embodies the worst kind of dad you could possibly have. Somehow, we love him anyway.

8) Iroh - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar Wiki

When Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation is exiled by his tyrannical father, Fire Lord Ozai, his uncle Iroh accompanies the young prince on his journey. Iroh is known as the greatest general to ever fight for the Fire Nation, but ultimately he is a kindly old man who wants nothing more than to look out for his nephew and drink tea.


Make no mistake though, Iroh is every bit the hardened warrior people think of him as. The difference is, years of conflict have made him wish for nothing more than a peaceful life for him and those he loves, and for a balance to be restored between the four nations. Always ready with sage advice and a joke, Iroh is more a father to Zuko than his true father ever was.

We Heart It

9) Goku - Dragon Ball Z

Comic Book

On the surface, Goku is actually kind of a terrible father. He not only routinely abandons his family in order to pursue his martial arts training, but he once left his ten-year-old son Gohan in the care of Piccolo, his arch-nemesis who had tried to kill him on multiple occasions (though that ultimately all worked out).


Ultimately he truly does care about his wife Chi-Chi and their two children, as he routinely puts himself in mortal danger (and even dies more than a few times) in order to save them and the entire Earth. And while he's not always the best father to Gohan, it's through their bond and combined power that Gohan is able to become the strongest person on Earth (for a time) and defeat Cell, who had planned to destroy the entire planet.

10) Mufasa - The Lion King

Disney Wiki

The King of the Pride Lands, Mufasa wants nothing more than for his son Simba to grow up to be a wise, strong and fair king. He routinely offers wise words and comfort to his young son, and isn't afraid to step in and fight any creature that threatens the prince.

Disney Inspire

Even after he's betrayed and killed by his brother Scar, Mufasa shows up in spirit form to guide Simba back to Pride Rock and to take up his true calling as kind. Admirably voiced by James Earl Jones, Mufasa may be a lion, but we remember him much more as a father.

"Remember who you are..."Disney Wiki

11) Alfred Pennyworth - Batman: The Animated Series

Batman TAS Wiki

A character so awesome that he's even great in the live-action versions of the franchise, Alfred becomes a surrogate father to not only Bruce Wayne (who he's known since childhood), but also every Robin (Dick Grayson, Tim Drake etc.) that joins the Caped Crusader on his mission against crime.

Dark Knight News

Always ready with a dry remark mixed with genuine concern, this butler proves time and again that he is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of his adopted family.

DC Movies Wiki

12) Fred Flintstone - The Flintstones

Flintstones Wikia

Probably the first cartoon dad that any of us can remember, this prehistoric papa has been entertaining kids worldwide since the 60s!


His temper may frequently get the better of him, but what other cartoon dad has not only looked after his own family, but gotten millions of real-world children to take their vitamins? He's been a dad to all of us for over 50 years now, and we wouldn't trade him for anything.


Which one is your fave?

Happy Father's Day to dads real and fictional!