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12 Music Videos That Used Puppets For Reasons No One Can Understand

Puppetry and claymation are forms of animation that largely disappeared in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, mostly because they're incredibly expensive and time consuming to make. However, music videos seem to really love these old forms of animation, and these 12 videos in particular really took the art to its weirdest limits.

Genesis - "Land of Confusion"

Weird claymation dinosaurs and band members make for a pretty unforgettable video.

Alice In Chains - "I Stay Away"

It's a trip to the weirdest carnival of all time, and the visuals just make it even weirder.

Blackstreet - "No Diggity"

One of the all time great summer jams just decides to go into weird puppet territory for a while. We still don't get why.

Primus - "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"

Let's be fair; Primus have made their entire careers on being weird, so this video really isn't all that surprising.

Eminem - "A** Like That"

Crank Yankers was a prank phone call show where the calls were animated with puppets, and Eminem liked it enough to hire the staff for this video ode to jailbait.

Trust me, it just gets weirder from here...

Green Jelly - "Three Little Pigs"

The title of the song KIND OF prepares you for what you're in for... but not well enough.

Blur - "Coffee & TV"

That milk carton is the bravest little hero, and we love him

Michael Jackson - "Speed Demon"

Real talk, I'm not sure this even qualifies for the weirdest thing Michael Jackson's ever done.

Nina Simone - "My Baby Just Cares For Me"

The nearly 30 year old song got a new lease on life and a music video by Ardman Animation (the studio behind Wallace and Gromit). The results are... different.

Tool - "Sober"

Much like Primus, Tool have never shied away from being weird, but the video for "Sober" really solidifies it.

Peter Gabriel - "Sledgehammer"

What in the crap did I just watch?

M.O.P. (Feat. Sesame Street) - "Ante Up"

Yeah, it's not actually the official music video for "Ante Up." It's BETTER.

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