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12 Struggles Of Living In 1999 That It's Amazing We Survived

Before the internet became massive and took over everything, a ton of things that kids (and adults) take for granted were a lot more complicated. In particular, if you were in middle school in 1999, these 12 things are probably still all too memorable...

Buying CD singles because the album wasn't out yet and we couldn't wait


Using an Encarta CD to look up information for school projects


Worrying like hell about Y2K


Making sure you taped that special episode you wanted to watch again


Waiting for your mom to get off the phone so you could call that girl you like


As if these didn't make you feel old enough, check out the rest...

Making sure your pager was working in case something important came up


Using *69 to find out who prank called you


Having to drop off film to find out how your pictures came out

Camera Hunter

Not being able to just look up what movies were playing in your area


This exciting new way to communicate called "e-mail"


Being excited about Star Wars again (before having our dreams crushed until 2015)


Going to Blockbuster to see if your favorite VHS was in stock

Digital Innovation

Which of these do you remember best? Share with anyone you know who was a kid in the 90s!