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12 Trends We All Thought Were Hot In The '90s, But Now Just Make Us Cringe

The 90s were the peak years of MTV, and when you weren't tuning in to see what the hottest celebrities were wearing, you were being swarmed by the absolutely ridiculous amount of boybands that seemed to be on the channel every single day.

These bands made our tiny hearts swoon during our teenage years, but looking back on it, some of them are honestly pretty cringey. In particular, these 12 trends make us go "Oh man, what was wrong with me?"

1) A bunch of dudes humping the air in a line for some reason.


2) Denim. All the denim.


3) Anything and everything involving a candle.

Superstar Candles

4) Dramatically singing while wet (when it's not even raining).


5) All the random flailing that seemed to count as "dancing."


Get ready to cringe even harder from here...

6) A man clutching his heart while looking at you like he's going to eat you.


7) Jumping side to side like a jazzercise video.


8) Turtlenecks. Who decided turtlenecks were sexy?


9) All the white suits. Seriously, 90s, we need to talk about the white suits.


10) What was with all the weird hand gestures? Why did we all fall for them?


11) Frosted tips. What the hell were we thinking? Why are they coming back?


12) And of course, trying to be sexy in a straightjacket.


What "sexy" thing from the 90s just weirds you out now?