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13 90s-Themed Costumes That Will Make This Your Best Halloween Ever

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking up some good costumes! The spooky season is the time for people who are good at puns to shine and for all those nostalgic memories to come flooding back.

Sure, a lot of people will do the same types of costumes every year. But if you want to be truly unique and don't want to hit up the local Walmart for a bagged costume, these ideas are exactly what you need to get inspired.

A 90s-themed costume is bound to make you the hit of the party, so see if any of these spark any ideas for you!


Warner Bros.

If you need a group costume, why not keep it simple! All you need is some black turtle necks and tights and then depending on who you want to be, a pink skirt, blue shirt, or brown pants!

Dexter and Didi from Dexter's Laboratory

Cartoon Network

Dexter and Didi is a pretty cute combo that you should probably give a shot. Each has a pretty distinct style so you should probably try it out some time.

Harry from 3rd Rock From The Sun


This one might be more advanced than you are prepared for, but if you could find a big fur coat and a good patterned shirt it would probably make for a really good costume. Just make sure you practice that signature expression and your communications to the Big Giant Head.

Doug Funny OR Quail Man


Whether you want to stick with the everyday Doug look, or take it up a notch with Quail Man, either option is pretty solid.

The kids from Hey Arnold!


Helga, Arnold, and the rest of the gang are all excellent options that would probably be pretty great. The unibrow on Helga would be super fun to draw on!



Those hats, those clothes, all of it is awesome. You could probably get some more people to play Six and Joey to really fill out the concept.

The Olsen Twins


Personally, I think you could do any Olsen movie and it would work, but the Adventures of Mary Kate And Ashley is the best option. Those trench coats and hats will help you and your twin for the night stand out.

There are some even more unique 90s costumes that will help you beat everyone in the costume contest...

The Rugrats


Any of the Rugrats is a pretty solid option. Chuckie, Tommy, Angelica, or really any of them will make for a great costume.

Ace Ventura

Warner Bros. Pictures

Jim Carrey's performance of Ace Ventura is absolutely wonderful, so why not try to replicate it! It might be tricky to get your hair to do the right flip, but practice makes perfect and you still have a few weeks!

Mr. Bean


There are very few comedians who can turn their most famous characters into such an iconic character. Mr. Bean is probably one of the funniest creations ever and you would be lucky to be able to be him for the night.

Aaahh!! Real Monsters

Why not try to be something a little spooky! It might take a little more effort depending on how devoted you are, but it's obviously worth it.

Laney from She's All That

Mary White

Probably one of the more unique and unexpected options to be, but it'll really stand out if you can make it work!  

Fran Fine


The Nanny was hugely popular, so you could absolutely try to find some kind of really intensely patterned skirt and run around doing that laugh.

Have you figured out what you're going to be for Halloween yet?