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13 Completely Ridiculous Commercials From The 90s That Made Absolutely No Sense


Commercials are never really the best content you can see on TV, but there are some that are better than others. The problem is, they have to be either REALLY good or REALLY bad if you want them to be memorable. It's a choice that marketing teams have to make, and it seems like in the 90s, everyone went for the really bad option.

It seemed like they all embraced the cheesy and ridiculous methods that would get people's attention and I guess technically it worked. Twenty years later we are still trying to figure out why they made these commercials the way they did.

This kid seems really greedy...

Okay, this is just rude? You can't climb into someone's car even if they cut you off.

Even the commercial for this gives me anxiety

You probably shouldn't eat something that glows in the dark?

I mean, I could eat pizza anytime whether or not it's on a bagel, but still a catchy tune

Barq's has bite, I get it.

Hey Jack, you are not just like every other dad, your head is a weird ping pong ball with a hat on it?

If you can believe it, they just keep getting weirder...

Watch out kid! There is a spooky stranger in the park, please don't go with him??

Coco Pops really stepped it up to the next level of strange with this one

What do you think your cat would say if they could call you?

Simple question: Why?

I know the commercial is ridiculous, but I still miss this cereal

Pizza Hut made a lot of these "Pizza Head" commercials and every single one of them was super weird

How many of these do you remember from your childhood?