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15 Famous Actors You Never Knew Were Voices In Disney Movies


There are some Disney movies that we obviously know the stars of. For example, we all know Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are the voices of Buzz and Woody in Toy Story and that Robin Willams is Genie in Aladdin. But, there are a lot of famous voices behind the cartoons that you probably didn't even know!


Check out this list of Disney stars and see if you knew any of them!

Tony Goldwyn is Tarzan

Minnie Driver is Jane in Tarzan

Tate Donovan is Hercules

Danny Devito is Phil in Hercules

Jim Varney is Slink in Toy Story

Rosie O'Donnell is Terk in Tarzan

Scott Weigner is Aladdin

Matthew Broderick is adult Simba in The Lion King

There are a bunch more celebrities who voiced your favorite characters in Disney movies! Check out the next page for more!

Jonathon Taylor Thomas is young Simba in The Lion King

Disney / Big Bopper

Samuel L. Jackson is Frozone in The Incredibles

Mel Gibson is Captain John Smith in Pocahontas

Christain Bale is Thomas  in Pocahontas.

Demi Moore is Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Emma Thompson is Captain Amelia in Treasure Planet AND Queen Elinor in Brave

Oprah Winfrey is Eudora in Princess and the Frog

Did you know any of these already? Let us know in the comments which one surprised you the most!