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15 Terrible 90s Musicians We're Ashamed We Loved

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The 90s was a pretty iconic decade for music; we had the rise of boy bands, grunge became a massive mainstream success, and rap music continued its rise into one of the most popular genres ever. Unfortunately, as these 15 bands show, a lot of it was also pretty bad.


Regularly voted as one of the worst bands of all time in internet polls, Scott Stapp's warbling nonsense voice is still grating.

Goo Goo Dolls

Known for a terrible power ballad in a decade that had tons of them, Goo Goo Dolls were most guilty of just being boring.

Limp Bizkit

One of the most obnoxious bands to ever (dis)grace our ears, Limp Bizkit are pretty much everything wrong with the 90s in one band.

Vanilla Ice

We've been shown over the years that white people are plenty capable of making names for themselves in rap and hip-hop. It's just sad that Vanilla Ice was their initial competition.

Spin Doctors

Mostly remembered for their songs being in commercials, they're still just as annoying now as they ever were then.

Hootie And The Blowfish

They sound like the band you hear closing out your local dive bar at 2 AM, with yet another half-assed Oasis cover.


One of the worst results of the boy band craze (yes, even worse than 98 Degrees), they produced a hit so nonsensical they had to inform us decades later that we're not even singing it properly.

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Savage Garden

Whether it's the generic backing tracks or their annoyingly high-pitched vocals, Savage Garden are best left forgotten.

Kid Rock

Kid Rock was awful when he debuted and has only continued to be awful in the years since. Surprise surprise, he's even running for congress now.


The 90s were full of European electro-pop acts topping the charts, and Vengaboys were one of the worst offenders. But they weren't the biggest. That honor goes to...


No other band was as talented at taking the biggest, stupidest pop tunes you could imagine and then getting them stuck in your head for weeks. Ugh.

Sugar Ray

Mark McGrath has a face you just wanna punch, and the band has the music to go along with it.

The Offspring

The Offspring genuinely have some great punk tunes to their name, but their pop-punk output from the 90s is insufferable. Just goes to show that money ruins everything.


No band wanted to be Nirvana more than Bush, but somehow they forgot that they needed an interesting image and good tunes if they wanted to beat their idols.

Ace of Base

Poppy, catchy, and boring. That last part is pretty much the worst thing a pop act can be, and boy were they ever.

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