20 Of The Best Things Only 90s Kids Will Appreciate

Everything in the 90s was seriously awesome.

Ours was the first generation of teens to have cellphones, Discmen and the Internet. We pretty much shaped the future of instant messaging and emojis. You're welcome Millennium babies.

Before that, we were collecting POGs, wearing butterfly hair clips and snacking on Dunkaroos. How many of these iconic items from the 90s do you remember?

Everyone wanted to trade you for your Dunkaroos

Seriously, any kid with these was pretty much the most popular kid at lunchtime.

Fruity Pebbles were our breakfast cereal of choice

Remember Fruity Pebbles when they were actually shaped like little pebbles? Yah. So do I.

Push Pops or

Super sticky and sweet. We'd buy these at the concession stand during our Dad's beer league baseball games, and at the convenience stores on our way to school.

Slap Bracelets

Sure, they were just rulers covered with funky fabric. But, we didn't care - they were cool and cheap.


Little Golden Books

Even if we didn't read them anymore, our collection of Little Golden Books was HUGE! There was something comforting about seeing them stacked up on the shelf.

The Rock during his WWF Days (before it became WWE)

Can you smell what the rock is cookin'? He is, was and always will be a sports entertainment legend.

Super Dave Osborne

Sure, his show ended in 1992, but re-runs were still available and we watched them all!

Blockbuster Weekends

The original Netflix and chill.



Technology was evolving fast and we had to keep up. Now that we were listening to music on CDs, we needed a solid Sony Discman with antishock.



This awesome toy was super easy to play with, except when you tripped yourself and got nailed in the ankle with the counter ball.


Everything in the 90s was either sticky, slimy, gooey or glowed. Floam had pretty much the best of all of these worlds. It was a sticky slime filled with styrofoam balls.

Gel Pens and Mr. Sketch Markers

Every note we took was with a scented, colorful pen. Every chance we had to color in a map, we used our Mr. Sketch markers. Sure, we got a little high on sniffing them, but they were just so smelly!

Butterfly Clips

Everyone had these pretty little clips. Sure, they were the super tiny bane of every thick-haired girl's existence, but we all managed to find a way to make them stay once we got them in.

Frosted Tips

Before there was the Beiber haircut, there was the Justin Timberlake frosted tips.

Girls loved JT and boys wanted girls to notice them, so the terrible frosted tips revolution began.

Crimped Hair

Why was this ever popular? It's kind of like the 90's version of the 80s perm: big, annoying and unmanageable.

But it was funky!

All Those BUNS!

These were super popular among the punk scene, but we all tried it at one time or another during the 90s. Wearing our hair in buns all over our heads was a huge style statement for teen girls in the 90s.

The Macarena

We all did it at every school dance. Sure, we didn't know the lyrics, but it didn't matter - as soon as the music came on, we lined ourselves up and got our Macarana on!


Guess Who

Everyone played it, everyone groaned when they got Herman.

Everything Bonnie Bell - especially Bottled Emotions Perfume

At a time when every girl in middle school smelled like vanilla, Bottled Emotions by Bonnie Bell were a welcome change. We loved that we could tailor our perfumes to our teenage mood-swings.

But we still loved that we could slather on some vanilla-scented chap stick, lip gloss or lip glitter whenever we needed to stay current.


They were literally milk bottle tops that were decorated with funny pictures. We collected them, piled them up then hit them with thicker plastic 'slammers.' Sure, the game was simple, but it was our craze and we loved it.

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