23 Reasons Why The Grinch Is Actually A Hero

How do you feel about the holidays? Are you less than thrilled? Are you kind of bummed out? Are you mostly just exhausted? Well, if you are maybe not as enthusiastic as others, you may get called a Grinch. But, let me tell you, you should be honored to be called a Grinch.

The Grinch is probably one of the more relatable characters in any Christmas movie. He is pretty much the greatest, and here are the 23 reasons why.


1. First of all, he is all of us when we get near those Christmas cookies. Are we hungry? No. Are we going to eat them? Of course we are.

2. He makes plans that we know he will not keep. We all do it bud, no judgment.

3. He is the definitive introvert.

4. He has great, thoughtful, inspiring conversations with himself.

5. He knows that the perfect outfit is crucial a night out of the house. Without it, what's the point.

6. He gives his own little fashion shows to see how he looks. Because the only persons opinion that matters is your own.

7. He knows how to highlight his assets.

8. And when it's not working, he makes firm decisions. (That he quickly changes his mind on.)

9. His sense of humor is top notch.

10. He has stayed true to himself since he was a kid, even though he had a very unpopular opinion. That shows a lot of courage!

11. He does his best to fit in when he absolutely has to. It's like being at an awkward family dinner and you just say what you have to so you can get fed.

12. He knows that sometimes drastic measures are needed to block out that past.

13. Super drastic.

14. He knows who his real friends are.

15. He struggles with his weight, but he keeps trying to be his best self.

16. He knows that taking care of yourself is very important.

17. He has a space that is all his own, and likes to keep it that way. Everyone should have their own space.

18. He gives GREAT makeovers.

19. Emotions are a little bit foreign to him, but he handles it well.

20. I mean, as well as one really does...

21. He really believes in spending time processing his thoughts.

22. Even though it isn't always the best idea...

23. But, overall he does have some love in his heart and isn't afraid to say it.

Share with the Grinch in your life or if you are one yourself! It's not as bad as people want you to think!