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25 Years Later The Lost Boys From Hook Are All Grown Up

It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since Hook, the Steven Spielberg movie about Peter Pan's return to Never Never Land, came out in theaters. I mean, I still think of the 90s as being 10 years ago, not over twenty. The kids graduating high school this year weren't even born when it came out. Take a minute to think about that fact, and how old it makes you feel.


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film, Ruffio and his Lost Boys reunited and the result was some epic nostalgic photos.

For the first time ever, Ruffio, Don't Ask, Thud Butt, Sooner, Later, Noseminer, No Nap, and Too Small were all back together.

Even though they're 25 years older, you can totally still tell which one is which, even if they weren't wearing those costumes. During the photo shoot they recreated some of the iconic moments from Hook, complete with a before and after.

They even included the guy who played the younger version of Robin Williams's Peter Pan.

They took the opportunity to not just reminisce about their experiences on set, but also to remember Robin Williams, who died two years ago this week. When asked by ET what they wish they could have told him, " the group offered a resounding "thank you" to the man who clearly made an important impact on their lives." And if that doesn't make you ugly cry, then you must  have no heart.


The reunion was organized by 22 Vision, a production company that focuses on these kinds of pop culture reunions. They were also responsible for the cast reunions of Little Rascals and School of Rock that blew up the Internet earlier this year. Now if you don't mind, I have a childhood classic that I need to rewatch.