29 Times Jim Carrey Can Help You React Appropriately

Jim Carrey has had some of the greatest roles in comedic history. His ability to deliver hilarious lines while contorting his body and face in the most ridiculous ways are completely unparalleled.

If you look at his past works, he clearly has an answer for everything. Whether it's how to deal with bad news or making a good first impression, Jim Carrey nails every moment. Need help reacting to things? Here is how Jim Carrey would do it.


1. When someone comes home early and you have been up to something weird...

2. When someone tells you something truly horrific

3. When someone makes a joke about eating all the snacks

4. When someone blames you for something that you know is your fault but refuse to admit.

5. When you can't stop the word-vomit that is coming out of your mouth

6. When someone tries to make a point **Always have a water glass for extra effect.

7. When someone tells you there is a dog nearby

8. When you are trying not to cry in front of someone

9. When you are trying to flirt

10. When someone says something mean to your best friend online

11. When you get a haircut for the first time in a while

12. When you do the majority of work in a group project and someone on the team says it was a "group effort"

13. When you know you are looking great

14. When someone tries to show you one of those documentary's about fast food places

15. When you have to start your car on a really cold day but it still turns on

16. When you know your dance moves are 100% awesome

17. When your sarcasm game is on point

18. When you are trying to remind yourself what your mom told you

19. When you get home from work and want to get in your PJs immediately

20. When you are having wardrobe malfunctions but are trying to play it cool

21. When someone says there is cake in the lunch room

22. When it was leg day at the gym and you want to show off your assets

23. When you know you are super graceful

24. When someone tells you something awkward and you don't know the appropriate reaction

25. When a dog won't come sit with you

26. When you hear the same joke for the 1000000th time


27. When you get any kind of recognition ever


28. When someone asks if you will share your dessert


29. When you start to question your life choices


What is your favorite Jim Carrey moment?

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