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3 Summer Activities That Were Popular in the 90s

As you watch nostalgic shows that give a glimpse of 90s TV and culture, you probably notice that in many ways, society hasn't changed too much since that decade. Naturally, over the past 25 years, we've gotten away from some of the simple pleasures that delighted us in the 1990s. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, you'll enjoy reviewing the summer activities that were popular in the 90s.

1. Volunteering at a Hospital

During the summer months, you probably want to make the most of your time off if you are a student or a teacher. Alternatively, if you’re a parent and your kids are out of school during the summer, you may want to schedule activities that you don't have the time or energy to complete during the academic year. One rewarding thing that folks seemed to do more often in the 90s is volunteering at their local hospital.

In our fast-paced world today, we can forget that there are people out there dealing with issues that we couldn't even imagine. Some uncommon yet extremely dangerous illnesses such as Legionnaires' disease can make it hard for family members to visit their loved ones in the hospital. Since approximately 10% of those who fall ill with this illness will pass away as a result of the infection, it makes it all the more meaningful when hospitals have reliable volunteers to spend time with patients doing recreational activities or administrative tasks to keep the hospital running smoothly. This pastime will likely never go out of style, so try it out!

2. Going to the Pool

There's nothing more nostalgic for those who grew up in the 90s during the summer than going to the local pool. From the smell of the chlorine to the lifeguard's chair, there are very few things that have changed in the past few decades at the pool. This makes it a great place to get your nostalgia fix in the summer if you're a child of the 90s without getting a time machine.

While going to the pool can be fun, it can also be dangerous. We can't downplay the risk of drowning and water-related injuries. Still, if you're at the pool, you're safer statistically from drowning than you would be in a naturally occurring body of water. As the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services shares in a report, about 33% of all drowning instances that end in death occur in natural waters. If you do decide to soak in the rays, be sure to follow all proper safety procedures.

3. Head to the Golf Course

If you love getting out in the sun and puttering around the golf course, that might be the best place to catch some nostalgic vibes from the 90s in the summer months. While you might think that motorized golf carts on the course are a new invention, they're surprisingly old. As GolfLink explains, the 1940s featured motorized golf carts as a new development on the golf course to aid in the comfort and mobility of golfers of all ages. Even though golf carts were first rolled out decades before the 90s, every child of the decade who followed their parents and grandparents around the golf course will remember these carts fondly.

While this list is far from conclusive, we hope it gave you some ideas of the types of things that people used to do in the summer in the 90s. For more inspiration, you can refer to 90s TV and culture such as popular shows like Friends and Boy Meets World. You can also raid your local thrift store for 90s-themed summer outfits, drinkware, and games. Although it's been a while since we've partied in the summer like it's 1999, it's never too late to revisit favorite activities from then.