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6 Reasons We Miss Adam West

The world lost an absolute talent this past weekend with the unfortunate passing of beloved actor Adam West (born William West Anderson, 1928). While West left us at the ripe old age of 88, he had kept acting and making public appearances well into his twilight years, and as such remained a beloved presence in TV and media for several generations of adoring fans.

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While best known for playing Batman in the 1960s television series, he's had plenty of iconic roles and moments throughout the years that all lend themselves well to showing just what a versatile, talented, and above all else, hilarious actor.

So, with all the reverence we have, here's a bunch of our favorite Adam West moments that we'll always miss him for.

1) The Batusi

It's impossible to forget this hilarious dance from the pilot episode of Batman. West leans into it with so much enthusiasm and comedic timing that you can't help but love it.

2) Batman fights a Shark

West's Batman was always hilariously over-prepared for any situation imaginable. Nowhere is this more noticeable than when his helicopter is attacked by a shark (because why not) and his Bat shark repellent saves the day. Classic.

3) His appearance on The Simpsons

Adam West was no stranger to appearing as himself in plenty of TV and internet shows, guesting on popular ones like The Big Bang Theory, Funny or Die, or even The Fairly OddParents. However, for our money, his appearance on The Simpsons is his funniest. In less than a minute, he shows off his acting chops, throws shade on the Tim Burton Batman movies, and even does the Batusi!

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4) The Gray Ghost in Batman: The Animated Series

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The other most beloved Batman TV series, Batman: The Animated Series offered up its own tribute to what came before it with the episode "Beware The Gray Ghost." In it, West plays an actor best-known for his role of The Gray Ghost, a TV detective who fought crime from the shadows (sound familiar?).

Turns out, he was a massive inspiration to the series' Bruce Wayne, who modeled much of his persona on the show. West is even recruited to help Batman solve a crime similar to one from the show, bringing the whole persona full-circle.

5) Mayor Adam West in Family Guy


One of his most bizarre but consistently hilarious roles, Adam West plays a hyper-exaggerated, over the top, just frankly bizarre version of himself as the mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island throughout much of Family Guy's run.

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Whether he's trying to figure out who's stealing his water (it's going down the drain), dropping people through trapdoors, or taking his revenge on the ocean for claiming the lives of sailors, Mayor West is perpetually ready to out-crazy himself, making him one of the show's best recurring characters.

6) Himself


Ask any fans who ever met the man what he was like, and the consensus seems to be that Adam West remained charming, funny, and incredibly sweet well into his later years. Making countless appearances at conventions worldwide and having seemingly endless time and energy for the people who revered his work. Above all else, this quote of his probably gives us one of the best glimpses at how he felt about it all:


"I can't tell you how grateful I am to those fans. They are not stupid. I think they appreciate my sincerity and my work. Actors want to be loved. Batman has done that for me. I have an audience out there which is always waiting to see whatever I do. And new generations are constantly discovering me in reruns. So, as long as I stay sharp, good things can still happen for me. Meanwhile, I keep hoping that a wonderful opportunity will come along. Believe me, my life ain't so bad, after all."

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Rest in peace old chum. We miss you, and we'll never forget you.