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The 6 Most Satisfying '90s Kisses That Made Us All Scream "YES"

Fitzroy Boutique / Girls In Capes

Sometimes a movie or TV series likes to tease a romance for far too long. We can pick up on the tension between two characters, and watching their relationship develop is honestly such an emotional roller-coaster.

We know it wouldn't be the same if they acted on their instant connection right away, and these 6 kisses waited until the best possible moment before they set fireworks off in our hearts!

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

The rain pouring down on the taxi wasn't enough to hide our tears as Winston made his way to the airport, but our hearts leaped out of our chests when he saw Stella waiting there for him.

Forget the long speeches and declarations of love, all she had to say was "Yes, yes..."


When Josh asks "Are you saying, you care about me?" I think we all collectively shouted out "COME ON CHER!"

It seemed like she really was clueless about her feelings for him, until they shared that first kiss.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Okay, they may not be the "best" couple out there, but how relieved were you when they finally locked lips?

Though it did look like Spike was using his teeth in that one...


Our heartstrings had been seriously plucked leading up to this moment, maybe a part of us still hoping that Swayze could find a way to stay on Earth. But this last moment they shared was his kiss goodbye.

Dawson's Creek

Well, it finally happened. But was it really what we were hoping for?

In the end, Dawson and Joey remain friends, but we'll always wonder if they could have made it as something more.

Ten Things I Hate About You

Of the ten things I love about this movie, this is one of the top. The nonchalant way that they share this first kiss reveals how real it feels for both of them.

Also, the upbeat way they hook up is a nice change. Take note, kissing CAN be fun!

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