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7 Things You Never Knew About The Brave Little Toaster

Some movies are huge commercial successes, while others have a quiet following as a cult classic. The Brave Little Toaster is one of those cult hits that has managed to defy the odds and find its audience.

A sweet little movie about a brave toaster is just what we all needed when we were kids. There was just something about it that was extra special, and those of us who loved it, loved it A LOT. There are a lot of behind the scenes facts that we didn't know about the movie at the time that actually make it even more awesome now.

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Take a look and find out the 7 most interesting facts about one of the best cartoons out there!

1. Deanna Oliver, voice of Toaster, has been asked to sign toasters in some very interesting places

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Including when her son was being deployed to Afghanistan and other soldiers brought toasters with them to get her autograph.

2. The script had to be rushed to accommodate Jon Lovitz who had just been cast on SNL


They really wanted Lovitz to voice Radio, so the writer, Jerry Rees, begged Lovitz to stay in Los Angeles just long enough to do the movie. They ended up recording Lovitz lines all in one session.

3. Producers almost took out two of the most iconic scenes

The nightmare scene and the junkyard scene were almost removed at the request of producer Donald Kushner. However, someone decided against it and left them in. Sure, the nightmare scene is horrifying and probably too scary for a lot of kids, but it builds character right?

4. The original director of this movie went on to start Pixar


John Lasseter was supposed to direct using a mix of the hand-drawn animation and computer animation but it ended up being too expensive so he was let go. After leaving Disney Lasseter went on to co-found Pixar, one of the biggest studios in the world!

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5. Very few prints of the movie were made

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According to writer/director Jerry Rees, Disney had to use the festival circuit version to make the home video because there weren't a lot of prints made . He said there is a noticeable "wobble" in one of the frames early in the movie.

6. One of the voice actors had to come in only to breathe into the mic

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Deanna Oliver, who played Toaster, was scheduled for a day of recording, but it turns out the only thing they needed was for her to inhale and exhale into the microphone. It was for a chase scene but what a strange day!

7. The composer for the movie still feels it was some of his best work


David Newman has said that the music for this film is the best of his career and that it was truly a highlight.

It will always be remembered as one great cartoons of our childhoods, and hopefully be passed down to kids these days.

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