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10 Stars You Definitely Forgot Were On "7th Heaven"

For 11 seasons, 7th Heaven gave us feel-good television the whole family could enjoy. The Camden family gave us entertainment week after week, and you can probably remember each storyline vividly. But what you may not remember is the number of rising stars who had guest appearances on the show.

1. Usher

In 2002, Usher was already a Grammy Award-winning artist. But no one is too important to appear on 7th Heaven. The music star played a radio DJ named Will in the season 7 episode, "A Cry For Help."

2. Aaron Carter

Look, it's everyone's embarrassing crush from their teen years! Aaron Carter appeared in two episodes of 7th Heaven as Harry, a boy Ruthie meets in detention. She develops a crush on Harry and then finds out he's foster kid. Eric doesn't approve of their relationship, but that doesn't stop them. Eventually (as in two episodes later), the couple realizes they're better off as friends.

3. Mayim Bialik

Before The Big Bang Theory, (but after Blossom), Mayim Bialik had a tiny role on 7th Heaven as Cathy, a woman seeking pre-marital counseling with her fiance.

4. Mila Kunis

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As one of Kunis's first acting credits, she appeared on 7th Heaven as Ashley, one of Lucy's friends who was dead-set on causing drama in the Camden household. Lucy tried to hard to impress Ashley just so she could be popular, but it was never worth it.

5. Gabrielle Union

In the first season of 7th Heaven, Union appeared as Mary's friend, Keesha Hamilton. Her arc lasted five episodes and came well before she made her name in the movie industry.

6. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Nothings says "100th episode" like having the Olsen twins appear as bad seeds. They play Sue and Carol Murphy, both of whom Simon is crushing on big time. The twins were rebels on-screen, but off-screen they were just their normal, crime-solving selves.

7. Jane Lynch

This shouldn't surprise anyone, as Jane Lynch was basically in everything. She appeared as "unnamed nurse" for four episodes of the show, working with Matt to "prevent him from looking for a wife."

8. Dave Franco

One of Franco's first acting gigs was in 2006, as Benjamin Bainsworth in an episode called "Highway To Cell." He's one of Ruthie's classmates, and he finds her cell number to call her!! SCANDAL!!

9. Keri Russell

Just one year before hitting it big with Felicity, Russell appeared in season 1 of 7th Heaven as Camille, a girl Mary meets in detention. They become friends, but it ends poorly. Turns out, Camille is a bad influence and makes Mary sneak out of the house to go to a frat party.

10. Alan Thicke

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Known for his role of doting dad on Growing Pains, Thick appeared as the deadbeat dad to Robbie Palmer and Bass Rick in season 5 of the show. We still miss Alan Thicke more than some of our own family members, honestly.

Who was the most memorable guest star on 7th Heaven, in your opinion?