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8 Actors Who Are Still Filthy Rich, Even Though We Haven't Seen Them In Forever /

What ever happened to those actors who you used to love watching on the regular, either in their hit television shows, or during their big screen performances? Even better than that, what did they do once the "gravy train" ran dry? Do they still have the money they made over their years of hard work? Some of them are back to being regular people, having spent their money faster than they could make it, while others were smart and made sure that they had something to fall back on once their days of acting were long behind them.

Here are 8 actors, who although are no longer big names in the industry, are still filthy rich and really don't care if they end up acting ever again.

1. Alfonso Ribeiro

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ended over 20 years ago, and Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Will Smith's cousin. "Carlton Banks" hasn't done much acting over those two decades. Sure he spent time hosting America's Funniest Home Videos, and he even appeared on Dancing With The Stars, but as for real acting... he hasn't done squat. Even though he has washed out of Hollywood, the former star is still worth an estimated $7 million.


2. Andrew Shue

If you're asking yourself who Andrew Shue is, we don't blame you. He used to be a star on the hit 90s television drama, Melrose Place. He also appeared in a few films that no one will likely remember, not exactly big money projects. Surprisingly though, he is worth an estimated $150 million. He gained his wealth through a number of business opportunities, including over $100 million through several social media companies he started.

3. Fran Drescher

We all remember Drescher for her role in the hit 90s comedy sitcom, The Nanny. Her unforgettable laugh helped cement her as a comedy mainstay on television in the 90s. She hasn't done much since, other than voicing the character of Frankenstein's wife in the animated kids movie Hotel Transylvania. She helped write and produce The Nanny, and turned her former acting career into $12 million.

4. Jaleel White

Steve Urkel, the goofy, lovable and nerdy character from the hit 90s sitcom Family Matters was played by Jaleel White. The pop-culture icon cemented himself into our memories with the catch phrase "Did I do that?" White hasn't done much in the last 20 years, aside from voicing Sonic the Hedgehog, and he has outright stated that he hates the character of Steve Urkel. He can't hate him that much as White is still worth roughly $10 million thanks to playing everyone's favorite nerd.

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I wish I had just a small percentage of the wealth of the next 4 actors on this list.

5. Kevin Sorbo

Remember Kevin Sorbo? If not, we can't really blame ya. Even though he is in multiple movies every year, it is likely that no on you know has ever heard of them, let alone seen them. After staring on Hercules, he was a main cast member on the sci-fi show Andromeda, and even had a role on The O.C., but by that point his TV career was quickly slipping downhill. Even with his fame disappearing, he is still somehow worth over $6 million.

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6. Angus T. Jones

He hasn't done much of anything since his decade long run as Jake on Two and a Half Men, but during the last couple years on the show he was making around $300,000 per episode. He was slowly written out of the show after he started to tell people that they shouldn't watch it. Jones has recently been part of the management team of the multimedia company, Tonite. When it is all said and done, Jones is worth around $15 million.

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7. Lark Voorhies

Voorhies rose to fame by playing Lisa on everyone's favorite before school television program, Saved by the Bell. She has been the butt end of a lot of jokes because of her incomprehensible social media posts as of late. Though her acting career is clearly over, she has written a couple of books, and has been exceedingly smart with her money. Voorhies is currently worth a cool $4 million.

8. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

JTT was everywhere is the 90s. Apart from his regular starring role on Home Improvement, he also voiced young Simba in the Lion King. He also appeared in a number of comedy movies when he was younger. Once he hit his late teens, Thomas basically left acting behind, though he did appear on several episodes of Last Man Standing. Now he spends most of his time working from behind the camera instead of in front of it, and he is worth a calm $15 million.

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