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8 Movie Sequels You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed Cinemas

Sometimes sequels are highly anticipated (you know which ones you like), and sometimes sequels happen for no reason, and you never end up hearing about them until you magically find a $2 copy of one in the bargain bin at your local discount store. These unknown sequels are almost universally always terrible. Movies so bad it makes you wonder who even thought this was a good idea, and then decided to pay people to make the movies. Mind-boggling.

Not all of them are terrible, but the good ones are few and far between. Let's take a look at 8 sequels that you likely didn't even know existed.

1. Road House 2

Everyone remembers Patrick Swayze's performance in the original movie. It gave us a whole new respect for bouncers in dive bars, but what happened to him after he finished saving the town from the bad guys? Well, it turns out that we almost found out, Swayze was going to reprise his role but ended up cancelling due to creative differences. So what did they do? They created his "movie son," and had him follow in his father's footsteps as a paid "cooler."


2. Son of the Mask

The Mask, starring Jim Carrey was funny the first time you watched it, but after that it just started to wear out on you. One of the few good things it had going for it was the breakout of Cameron Diaz. With all of that being said, why would they even try to make a sequel? Well they did, and it appears to be even worse than the first one.


3. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

The original Blair Witch movie was a cultural phenomenon. It was genuinely scary to most people, and it appeared to be as "real" as it got. It was one of those movies that you either liked, or you hated. This movie wasn't "liked" at all, it was made quickly to try and rake in more cash off the first movie's success, but it only ended up earning 5 Razzie nominations. It even won for worst sequel or remake.

4. Home Alone 4: Taking Back The House

After Home Alone 3 (which was a huge flop), the movie producers apparently decided it was time to get back to the basics, so they made Home Alone 4. It went back to the original story line of Kevin and his family, one year after the shenanigans that took place in New York.

5. I Always Know What You Did Last Summer

After I Know What You Did Last Summer and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, you think the producers and writers would realize it's time to bring this story to a close, but they didn't. They come out with the third movie in the "trilogy" that didn't have any members from the original cast, and Jennifer Love Hewitt even turned down a cameo in the movie. The title may be the worst part about it.

6. Wild Things 2

Wild Things was the movie every teenage boy wanted to see at least once in their life. But coming out with a sequel for it? Are we sure that was a good idea? The scary part was number 2 wasn't even the last movie in the series, they even came out with Wild Things: Foursome.

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7. The Rage: Carrie 2

As a sequel it would be pretty difficult to compete with an original horror classic like Carrie, but they tried. Coming out in 1999, Carrie 2 is an attempt to keep the story going with a new girl coming into her powers. Sissy Spacek was offered a cameo in the film but she decided to turn it down.


8. Ripley's Game

This followed after The Talented Mr. Ripley except they decided to replace Matt Damon with John Malkovich (who was originally supposed to direct the first movie.) This is one of those sequels that actually turns out to be better than the original.

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What do you think is the best sequel to ever hit the big screen? Let us know in the comments.