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10 Baby Names From 80s And 90s Pop Culture That Deserve A Comeback


As we all get older and start having our own families, names start to become something that people consider a little bit more. Whether it's for your future child or your future pet, it is always nice to name things after something that means a lot to you.

For all of us 80s and 90s kids, that means we have a lot of really iconic names to choose between. Whether it was movies, TV shows, music artists or anything else, there are so many iconic pop culture names that we should absolutely consider when we have to name something in our futures.

If you're looking for inspiration, we've got you covered. These names are some of your best options.

1. Clarissa

Clarrisa Darling

Why not give a nod to the queen of 90s TV, Melissa Joan Heart by going with the name Clarissa?

She's pretty awesome and has a lot of strong opinions which is great for the next generation who have so much to deal with everyday.

2. Angus


Sure, it's not a super common name, but you know who was named Angus? MacGyver. The genius on-the-go inventor is the perfect inspiration for anyone and everyone. I know he gets a lot of love, but most people don't even realize this was his first name!

3. Rose

Golden Girls

Betty White is nothing short of an icon, so why not keep one of her most favorite characters alive and honor the queen of comedy by using the name Rose? The only trick will be to convince people it's not based on Titanic's Rose, not that it would be a bad thing, but I think we can all agree Betty White is better.

4. Phil

Uncle Phil

Sure, maybe they won't be an uncle for a long time, but naming them after Uncle Phil might help inspire them to become a great man. Uncle Phil was always looking out for his family, and was hardworking, dependable, and devoted. Sure, he had a bit of a temper, but he took in his nephew and treated him like his own.

5. Dana

Dana Scully

Dana Scully was always ready to investigate the unusual, and there is really no one better to be the inspiration behind a name.

6. Pierce

Hawkeye Pierce

So it's his last name, yes, but it's a little bit less "out there" than Hawkeye so it works. Alan Alda's character in M.A.S.H. continues to be loved to this day, and for good reason.

7. Elyse

Elyse Keaton

Elyse Keaton was a former hippie-turned architect and her independent and strong-willed attitude that helps them handle all the varying personalities of their children.

8. Beckett

Quantum Leap

I know it's not a traditional name, but it sounds kind of cool to me so I'm going to throw it out there. Besides, Sam Beckett, time traveler extraordinaire is worth the confused looks from your family isn't he?

9. Corey

Empire Records
Warner Bros.

Okay, so she's a little bit troubled, but she's also very relatable and finds some friends who stick by her no matter what. Also, Corey as a girl's name is just pretty awesome.

10. Robin

I know it's a little on the nose, but as a child of the 90s, I don't know that I will ever get over the loss of Robin Williams. Honoring him like this may be a little extreme, but it's just a very good name either way.

If you were going to name a pet or even a child after a character from the 80s or 90s, who would you pick?