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How Many Of These 90s Crafts Did You Do?

Before Pinterest existed, crafty kids had to find different sources of inspiration for their art. So what did the 90s kids do? We collected craft kits filled with beads, strings and sequins and made what ever we could.

How many of these craft kits did you have? Which one was your favorite?


Lite Brite

I don't know about you, but I spent HOURS making sure my light bright was perfect. You maybe not think of it as your average craft, but it was a super great way to kill a lot of time.

Sand Art

Think about it, how much time did you spend pouring various colors of sand into a bottle? Probably more than necessary.

Beaded Keychains

For a while it seemed like everyone had one of these attached to their backpack.

Melted Beads

If you wanted to get really fancy you could make a design and melt those beads into a solid plastic object.

Fantastic Flowers

How fun! You can make your own flowers. I wonder how annoyed parents would get constantly having to buy more of the stems for these.


This was still a thing in the 90s. People clothes just could never be to bedazzled.

Shrinky Dinks

Maybe it's just because I never had one, but I don't super understand the appeal of having something slightly smaller. Although from the pictures on the box it looks like you can make some tiny little tings to attach to headbands and pencils so I guess that's a good time right?

Friendship Bracelets

I feel like anyone who was in elementary school in the 90s knows exactly what that string is for and their fingers probably have the muscle memory of how to do all those fancy knots. At recess everyone would be working on their latest bracelet so they could show their best friends how important they were to them.

Scratch Art

Carve out your artistic visions on these pieces of paper.

Velvet Posters

If you didn't like the scratch art, you could always go for the big velvet posters because when I think of art, I think it should probably be softer.

Spin Art

Now, the walls on these were never high enough to actually contain the mess. I feel like it always resulted in paint ending up everywhere and the paper just so soggy that it would rip.

Pottery Wheel

Because nothing said fun like a lump of already dried clay on a wheel that doesn't spin! At least that was my experience the time I got one of these.


I have yet to understand the real point of this, but it did look pretty cool. Making these elaborate designs would have come in handy for all of the adult coloring books that are out now! We should have been giving our designs to our parents when we finished them to color in! Which was your favorite craft kit when you were young? I was always a sucker for a friendship bracelet and the Spirograph. So many hours spent on things that immediately went into the garbage.