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7 Things You Absolutely Remember Seeing In Every House In the 90s

There are certain things that you are guaranteed to see in a house depending on the decade. If it was the 70s, you know there would be a shag carpet and some wood panelling on the walls. In the 80s, you'd see a really large boom box and some neon windbreakers.

But what about the 90s? There had to be certain things that we all had in common right? Well, people on Reddit shared their experiences and it became very clear that we all had the same exact stuff.

How many of these did you have in your home in the 90s?

1. A Big Ol' Beige Computer

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Why were they always beige? And why were they so big? I mean, I know why, but they just were so excessive.

2. A TV that is wider than it is tall

Thank God that they started developing better technology, because these took up so much room. You needed an entire hutch or cabinet to hold it up, there were no wall mounted TVs in the 90s!

3. A special storage case for floppy disks

These were on the desks of ever 90s home, holding those precious files we worked so hard on. You could save maybe one document per disk, but luckily they made these handy little storage cases that kept them all organized.

4. A bean bag chair

There is nothing more satisfying then to jump into one of these after a long day and turning on your N64.

Those aren't the only necessities for a 90s house...

5. Corded phones were the only option

A lot of the times there would only be the one phone in the whole house, mounted to the wall in the kitchen. If you were lucky you could get your own phone in your room, but that was really rare.

6. A waterbed was obviously the dream

In theory, these were the best. But in reality, they were pretty terrible. Imagine how bad it would be if this popped?  

7. A modem and an AOL trial CD


How many of these do you remember seeing in your house in the 90s?