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10 Places That Proved '90s Kids Had The Best Birthday Parties

Kids nowadays have all sorts of fancy new toys and technology to play with, but if you grew up in the 90s, there's one thing you had objectively better: birthday parties. Seriously, they were the best.

Whether your parents took you somewhere with your friends or just organized some fun activities, these parties were off the hook. In particular, these 10 kinds of parties were the kind of thing you'd remember forever!

Having your birthday at McDonald's used to be a full-on EVENT!


Chuck E. Cheese was the place to go for pizza and arcade games. Fact.

Chuck E Cheese

Every place has a bowling alley, and we all got super excited about getting to knock over some pins (especially when they put bumpers over the gutters).

Party City

Two words: Discovery Zone. 'Nuff said.


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Or maybe you and your friends got taken to the movie theater to catch whatever awesome cartoon was on the big screen at the time?

Party City

Not so much into loud crazy times? Maybe a trip to the petting zoo was what your birthday needed!

Whispering Pines

Heck, sometimes it was great to go to the local rec center and chase each other around the gym for a while!


Or maybe you were even lucky enough to know a nearby farm that had horses to ride!


Back when arcades were still a thing, they were some of the best places to celebrate getting older.


And above all else, there was laser tag!

Totally 90s

What'd you do for your birthdays as a kid?