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10 Stores From The '90s That Will Make You Miss Hanging Out At The Mall

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Every kid loves hanging out at the mall. It's the perfect excuse to see your friends, snack on some greasy food, and best of all, run amok in stores that were awesome to just browse.

These 10 stores haven't been around for some time, but even just seeing their entrances is enough to take us back to the 90s.

The Sharper Image


Sure it still exists online, but browsing pinball machines I'll never buy in a million years just doesn't feel as interesting when it's not in person.

Sam Goody

When you needed the best new music, this was the place to go.

Warner Bros. Studio Store

Back when Warner Bros. was still an animation juggernaut competing with Disney, we all loved checking out Space Jam toys in here. Pretty sure I still have one somewhere.


So many bookstores have come and gone over the years, but I'm pretty sure I miss this one the most.

Kay-Bee Toys

Or "KB Toys" depending on when you used to go, but this place was the absolute best for killing time at the mall when you were a kid.


Back when landline phones were still the norm and you needed weird batteries for all your electronics, this was THE place to get them.

Discovery Zone

Okay so it wasn't a store, but if your mall had one of these, I guarantee it was where you spent most of your time until you were too big for any of the play structures.

Media Play

It was a big-box media store by the game guys who owned Sam Goody, and it was the best for finding movies and TV shows you couldn't find anywhere else.


This place managed to make educational toys that weren't lame, and it was so colorful and fun to just visit.


My coworkers assure me this was where all the cool girls shopped in the 90s, so I'm taking their word for it.

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