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A Mini-Dawson's Creek Reunion Proves That They Didn't Wait For Their Lives To Be Over

Busy Phillips

There always seems to be one definitive show that every teen needs to watch. In the late 90s, it was Dawson's Creek. Watching Dawson and his friends try to navigate their angst-ridden world was how we thought it would be like to be a teen, but obviously it wasn't super accurate.

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The cast of Dawson's Creek have all gone on to have super successful careers, but it turns out some of them are still missing the Creek.

Michelle Williams met her real life best friend, Busy Phillips, while filming the show. Since then, they have continued to warm the hearts of us all with their nostalgic looks back at the show.

Williams played Jen Lindley and Phillips played Audrey Liddell, but while filming their new movie I Feel Pretty, they decided to take a little break on a dock and imagine that they were back in Capeside.

Together, they talked about what it was like to film the show, and joked about how they could see their characters living on the lake that they were on.

What did these former teen stars discuss?

Phillips asked Williams about Jen's dating history, "Michelle, you dated on Dawson's Creek - dated both Pacey [Joshua Jackson] and Dawson [James Van Der Beek]?"

Williams was happy to reply " "I had them both." Phillips was disappointed saying that she "only got Pacey."

Williams went through more of her character's dating history, to which Phillips got really excited when she remembered one actor in particular, "Michael Pitt!" Philipps remembered, "I forgot he was on the show."

They shared a bunch pictures on Phillips' Instagram story, with one of the pictures captioned "Dawson's Creek vibes" while another pointed out where they thought Gram's house would be.

The two have been best friends since the show, and have been basically inseparable. Recently, they celebrated Williams' birthday by wearing matching leather jackets that were like a best friends necklace but in a jacket form.

These two prove that friendship can last a lifetime! Now, go call your best friend and plan out your matching jackets!

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