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Adam Sandler's Touching Tribute To Chris Farley Caught Everyone Off Guard

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It's hard to believe that it has been 21 years since we last got to enjoy something that was made by Chris Farley.

He was such a big part of pop-culture, with his larger-than-life personality and his impeccable comedic timing, that his loss is still felt today.

Many people talk about his movies, his time on Saturday Night Live, but his friends knew him as so much more than the characters he played.

Adam Sandler was on SNL at the same time as Farley, and they became good friends. While Sandler has obviously gone on to have quite an impressive career, he has recently gone back to his roots and done a new stand-up special.

Comedy specials are a really huge thing on Netflix these days, and while we expect them to make us laugh, Sandler took a few minutes of his special to pay tribute to his old friend.

It catches you off guard a bit, because normally when Sandler pulls out the guitar it's to play a silly song, but this time it's a dedication to Farley and all of their times together.

Sure, it still talks about all the goofy things he did, but the sentiment is actually enough to make you tear up. It seems to go through their whole relationship, right from the start.

"The first time I saw him
He was sweeter than sh*t
Plaid jacket and belt too tight
He wasn't even doing a bit.

Then he cartwheels around the room
And slow-danced with the cleaning lady
He was a one-man party
You know I'm talking about,
I'm talking about My friend Chris Farley.

The applause he gets at the mention of the name makes it clear that Farley remains a star to this day.

Sandler goes on to talk about all of his iconic roles, everything from "the Bumblebee Girl or livin' in a van down by a river."

He hints in the song that they knew Farley had a problem, but apparently he wasn't willing to stop.

"We'd tell him, 'Slow down
You'll end up like Belushi and Candy'
He said 'Those guys are my heroes
That's all fine and dandy'

I ain't makin' that sh*t up
That's the truth about my boy Chris Farley."

He revealed that the last big party they attended together was the wedding of their friend Tim Meadows, but just a few months after that he passed away.

"But a few months later
The party came to an end
We flew out to Madison
To bury our friend.

Nothing was harder than saying goodbye
Except watching Chris's father
Have his turn to cry."

He goes on to say that while time has moved on, he's still bringing joy to everyone, including his own children.

One of Sandler's last verses explains that that while Farley is a legend "like [he wanted]" he still wishes he was here, joking that he could have been a part of Grownups 3.

The audience gives him a standing ovation in honor of his friend and the touching tribute, that manages to be the right balance of sentimental and funny that it feels like it'd be something he would actually like.

Check it out for yourself here, or watch the whole special on Netflix now.

I really don't think anyone was expecting to go into a comedy special and end up getting emotional. Did you like the tribute?

Source - Nerdist

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