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20 Celebrity Wax Figures That Are As Hideous As They Are Hilarious

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Having a wax figure created in your likeness is supposed to be a big honor, it means that you have truly made it in the world of entertainment. Madame Tussauds is the pinnacle of this, but there are always others who are going to attempt it with far less success.

Some of the attempted knock offs are so bad that I had to really research who they were attempting to recreate, and then decide if it was an attempt at flattery or mockery. Without further adieu, here are 20 of the worst celebrity wax figures you will ever have the misfortune of seeing.

1.  The Rock - The Scorpion King

He looks both stretched out and constipated in this attempt at creating a wax figure. Either that or they put something terribly stinky under his nose.

2. Princess Diana

Sad and Useless Humor

One of the most beloved royal figures of all time, the People's Princess stole the hearts of the world. This wax figure borders on disrespectful.

3. Barack Obama

Whether you love him or hate him, I think we can all agree that the artist in this particular case was either drunk or trying to combine Obama with Reagan to create a "super-president".

4.  Jennifer Lopez

wikihowo - blogger

Well, they got the hair right but that's about it. I started laughing when I saw this rendition of Ms. Lopez.

5. Tiger Woods


The only thing that could have been worse than this, is if they made the figure based on his rather epic mug shot from earlier this year.

6. Uma Thurman - Kill Bill


It's as if they aged Uma a decade and made her look like she hadn't slept in years as well.

7. Britney Spears


I don't know in what universe this is supposed to resemble Britney Spears? I don't know how you miss the mark by this much.

8. Ryan Seacrest

Amusing Planet

Well, the artist apparently decided to give us a preview of what Seacrest would look like after far too much plastic surgery, and if he had a drug problem. The only thing on point here is the color of the eyes.

9. Leo and Kate - Jack and Rose


They definitely butchered this iconic moment in one of the 90s most iconic movies. Not to mention that they didn't do Leo or Kate any favors in creating this wax figure.

10. Tom Cruise


I love to hate Tom Cruise as much as the next person, but c'mon, what were you thinking when you made this particular piece of "fine" art? It looks like they beat up the figure before giving it a bad perm.

If you can believe that they get even worse from here, you wouldn't be wrong.

11. Julia Roberts


This looks like the took Julia Robert's character from Pretty Woman and gave her a $200 a day smack habit.

12. Michael Jordan


This is what happens when you age the greatest basketball player of all time to look like he is 75.

13. Bruce Springsteen


I have no words that can possibly describe this travesty.

14. Wayne Rooney

See Attractive Anything - blogger

Soccer might not be your sport, but the former Manchester United star deserves more respect than this.

15. Michael Jackson

Love Radio

The truly terrifying part of this story is it's hard to determine which of these images is of the wax figure. (Just kidding, but seriously, as the King of Pop, he should deserve better than this.)

16. Mel Gibson - William Wallace


This is just bad. Gibson's portrayal of William Wallace is one of the best performances of all time. This figure looks like the artist was looking at Fabio while creating this version of Gibson.

17. Justin Timberlake

Not even close. This more closely resembles Timberlake's creepy younger brother. (Not that he has one of those, I am just guessing).

18. Mr. Bean

Sad and Useless Humor

He isn't the best looking guy to begin with, but c'mon man, you can do a little bit better than that, the man is a comedy legend.

19. Connor McGregor

MMA Mania

I don't think I need to point out to you how badly they missed the mark on this one. The polarizing figure doesn't need to look like he is related to Lurch from The Addams Family.

20. Whoopi Goldberg

Sad and Useless Humor

Words cannot express how angry this one makes me.

What do you think the worst one of these examples is?