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'The Baby-Sitters Club' Is Getting A Brand New TV Show

There was one book series that all of us became obsessed with when we were young, and it was The Baby-Sitters Club.

I don't know how a series of books about a job that no one really wanted became so popular, but they managed to make babysitting look like a fun gig, and not like what you were stuck doing when your parents went to dinner.

I mean, I guess they were actually getting paid and not just told they had to, but still! Everyone wanted to be in their own Baby-Sitters Club. It was such a good series, and the movie was pretty epic as well.

But guess what, it's not over yet! The Baby-Sitters Club is coming back and this time it'll be on TV!

The Baby-Sitter's Club
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What we know so far

It's still early, but it's in development by Walden Media. The senior VP of development and production, Naia Cucokov, revealed the news that it's in the works.

The Baby-Sitter's Club
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“As lifelong fans of The Baby-Sitters Club and its enduring messages of entrepreneurialism, empowerment, diversity and most importantly, female friendships, we couldn’t be more thrilled to work on this special project with Rachel and Lucia.

“We feel incredibly honored that Ann M. Martin has allowed us the chance to introduce the BSC to a new generation of future thought leaders and influencers.”

It's been attempted before, but they're trying again

Babysitters Club TV show

In the 90s, Scholastic tried to make a TV show version of the classic books, but it only lasted 13 episodes.

It originally aired on HBO in 1990, but in the mid-late 90s it started airing the reruns on The Disney Channel, probably because the movie was such a hit and they thought they could get more viewers.

Why it's still relevant

Baby-Sitters Club

Listen, the world has obviously changed a lot since The Baby-Sitters Club books came out, but one thing that hasn't changed is that there will always be a need for babysitters.

No matter how advanced technology gets, or how much everything else starts to evolve, parents are always going to need people to watch their children when they need a night off.

This will help remind kids that babysitting is a "cool" job to have, and not just the thing your parents ask you to do. Obviously they will have to modernize it a bit, but the themes of the episodes can still be the same. Friendship is important no matter what decade it is.

Fan's reactions

Fans of the original series are thrilled that they've finally decided to remake the show. Which honestly is surprising because most of the time people hate reboots.

Obviously some people are going to be mad, but there are others who are excited to see the new updates.

One fan said "DROP EVERYTHING: The Baby-Sitters Club is getting a TV reboot! First Sabrina and now BSC... Be still my beating pre-teen heart."

Many others talk about how excited they are, but some have taken this news as an inspiration to re-watch the old series.

"In honor of the news that a [Baby-Sitters Club] TV show is being shipped around, I decided to watch a couple of the classics on Hulu. I'm on "Stacey's Big Break" and I REALLY need to talk about this photographer character."

There are of course a few people who are a little more cautious, hoping that the show keeps the wholesome feel the original did.

"I do hope it goes more along the 1990s way then the [Gossip Girl] way. [Baby-Sitters Club] was a wholesome/fun collection of books. Even the mystery ones were great. I hope they do not lose the essencce that at the end of the day it is about these young girls having each other's backs.

Potential direction for the show

The Baby-Sitters Club

The modernized version of the show is being shopped around as a half-hour episode series, and all the characters from the original books are expected to appear.

It's going to be a family-friendly series that will hopefully appeal to young kids, teens, and adults who loved the series growing up.

What they don't say yet, is whether or not the story will be following the girls when they were the age they were in the book, or if we're going to be sticking with the time line and aging everyone up.

That might be an interesting look, to see what happened when all of our favorite babysitters grew up and got new jobs. Would they still be friends? Would they still like kids? Where would they all be now?

It'll be interesting to see what they do, and we'll let you know as soon as we find out more!

For now, you can check out what happened to the actresses who played all your favorite Baby-Sitters Club characters since the movie came out.

Or you can find out how it all began in the first place and other interesting facts about the original series so you'll be all up on your trivia in time for the show.

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