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Backstreet Boys Watched Teens React To Their 90s Music Videos And We Feel Ancient

The Backstreet Boys are true legends to those of us who grew up in the 90s. We know all the words to all of their songs, we tried to learn the dances in the music videos, and we can absolutely pick out who is who.

We know that Nick is the youngest one with the bright blonde hair cut into a glorious mushroom

Nick Carter
Super Pop

We know that Howie has gone through a few long hair phases and often danced around without a shirt on

Tiger Beat

We know that A.J.'s 90s goatee was on another level


We know that Kevin is the one with those intense eyebrows

Kevin BSB
Mega Star

And we know that Brian had the reddish hair and hit a lot of the high notes

Brian BSB
Teen Beat

We spent years learning who they were. We spent countless hours watching and re-watching videos until we knew every word of every song. We bought every album and listened to it on repeat for weeks and weeks, and honestly after 20 years it still all holds up.

The songs are still catchy as you remember, but yes the music videos are obviously a little dated.

But here's the thing, the Backstreet Boys have been around for 20 years now, which means there is a whole new generation of humans who weren't even born when the Backstreet Boys first came on the scene.

And these aren't just little babies either, they are fully grown teens. Kids in high school right now, or even people who are technically old enough to vote don't know what it means to "want it that way."

So what do you do when people don't know about the Backstreet Boys? You make them learn.

Because the internet is a treasure trove of bizarre content, someone actually rounded up these teens to show them all they were missing. They saw some of the best music videos ever like "Quit Playing Games with My Heart," "Everybody (Backstreets Back)," and "Larger Than Life".

They had a lot of feelings about it, and it was a lot to take. But you know who it's hardest on? The boys themselves.

That's right, the Backstreet Boys watched teens react to their videos, and I think it even shocked them how much times have changed.

It's one of those things where it's all smiles at the beginning, but then by the end it's an existential dread focused specifically on mortality. You know, that good, light-hearted fun you always hear about.

They have some immediate excited reactions

Even though some of the teens say "I have no idea who they are" most of the boys just laugh it off. Although Howie's face is a little bit distraught. It's okay Howie, we know who you are and we love you.

Brian sings along to basically every song

It's nice to know he still loves his music.

But all bets are off when someone literally said the phrase "I only know them because of my mom"

"I could be your dad"

Brian quickly realized that these kids were young enough that he was old enough to be their dad.

They admitted that the music videos make no sense

The teen watching was criticizing it for making no sense, but Brian replied with "Why are we in a tube?" I guess even they don't fully understand what's going on here.

They didn't love when one teen pointed out that One Direction did something similar

"We did it first" Brian exclaimed, but they move on quickly because they point out that it's been 20 years since the album came out.

"Do they still look good now?"

The teen wondered if they still look as good, and Brian's reaction was "what do you think?"

"I bought it, on Ebay!"

When one teen says that they don't know "I Want It That Way" but they know the Weird Al version the boys start singing "I Bought It On Ebay" because they are very good sports.

The teens cannot name any of them, but one uses Aaron Carter as a touchstone

They don't know who is who, even when they have the names, but one girl said "I thought there was only one blonde guy that has to be Aaron Carter's brother."

Imagine being an age where you don't know who Nick Carter is but you know Aaron?!

"If we're really starting to get into the oldies category, that's scaring me."

Poor Nick, he is having a hard time dealing with the fact that these young kids are just so very young, but the other boys are all happy that these kids had even heard of them at all and seemed to enjoy the songs. Brian seemed especially happy about it.

"It's a testament to the longevity of what we've been doing for 25 years now, you know? When you look at these kids, I mean, I've got a 15-year-old, we're all dads now, and we were just at a concert."  

"We appreciate your honesty"

Even though you attacked their videos, made fun of their dance moves, and had no idea who they were, they are still appreciative. But Nick says that you need to "Do your homework".

So if you are a teen, go do your homework, if you are one of us 80s or 90s kids who grew up listening to these boys then you should probably check out this video and see just how much the next generation has to learn.

20 years of BSB isn't enough, but these are arguably their 20 best songs. Make your own reaction videos while you watch the videos.

Or, if you'd rather see where they are now, their new song was released just a few weeks and it's a legitimate hit. I can't get enough of it.

Source - YouTube