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Backstreet Boys Released A New Song And We Are Having A Lot Of Feelings About It


Backstreet's Back, ALRIGHT!

That's right, our favorite boy band is back. Okay, so they never really left, but that doesn't fit the theme of the song so too bad.

The Backstreet Boys have released the first single off their new album and not only that, it's complete with a 90s style video.

The boys dance in unison, have some dramatic poses, they make some emotional faces, and above all else, they sing their hearts out.

Honestly, watching the video brought me right back to 1999. The video is absolutely everything you want from a boy band. It even has some questionable fashion choices!

So I listened to the song already once, and yes, of course I love it. Not just because I love everything that these boys do, but because it's a genuinely catchy song that makes me want to dance and sing along even though I will never be able to hit those high notes. (Side note, Brian, how do you do that?)

Here are some of the thoughts you are going to have while you experience this song.

1. The opening poses are really something

You've got Howie touching his shoulders, which fine, but then you've got dear sweet Kevin doing this:

This is a pose that if anyone other than Kevin tried to pull off the world would riot, but Kevin can do no wrong. Honestly, he's my favorite to watch in each and every videos. I don't fully understand what he's always doing, but it's always perfect.

2. Oh, hello surprise face

The first thing you see after the boys stop posing, is a woman's face behind all the boys. Is she their leader? Is she giving them all orders?

Is she someone I should know? Should I feel bad for not recognizing her? Someone please let me know who this is I am so curious.


Right after the mysterious lady vanishes, we get right into the choreography and honestly, the second they hit that first move I am sold.

They all move in unison like the well-oiled machine they are, and crank out those moves like no one else could.

4. Not going to lie, I was surprised that Nick starts it off

Many of my favorite BSB songs tend to favor Brian or AJ, but Nick starts this one off and you know what, he nails it.

5. I need to address Kevin's hat

Hey Kevin, it's me, your friend. I need to ask you why you are wearing this hat. I know you were in a band in the 90s when bucket hats were cool, and yes I even know people are trying to make them come back, but I'm going to tell you a secret, they shouldn't.

It's fine because I love you, but I really don't love this hat.

6. A.J. your hat is fine I guess

Okay, maybe it's a double standard, but I think there are literally no hats that A.J. can't make look cool. I think that is his super power.

7. You boys are precious

Gentlemen, no matter what I say in passing, please never change you're all perfect.

8. Brian still looks the same

I don't think he ages and it's honestly starting to make me think he's a vampire.

9. Howie looks great

I feel like Howie gets forgotten a lot, but you know what, he's perfect too.

10. All in all, this song will be your new summer jam

Obviously a lot of great songs will probably come out this summer, but the fact that this one feels so much like our good ol' 90s tunes I don't know that I need them.

Who's with me? Will this be the song of your summer?

Can't wait for the rest of the album!

The Backstreet Boys have been around for 20 years, but it's been 5 years since their last album. It's about time we get some new hits!

But it's not like they've been out of the spotlight. Between their Vegas show and their annual cruise, these boys have had a busy schedule.