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After 15 Years Apart, BBMak Are Finally "Back Here" Again

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As the 90s faded out, and the new millennium rushed forward, a lot changed. Clothes became very shiny, hair became excessively straightened, and people started to get cellphones.

There was one thing that didn't change right away though, and that was that boy bands still reigned supreme.

Backstreet Boys and *Nsync were obviously the two biggest groups who were constantly in a battle for the crown, but there was an entire league of boy bands that had a whole bunch of hits that a lot of us were completely obsessed with.

BBMak was one of those bands. While they may not have reached BSB status, they did have a couple of big hits back in the early 2000s.

"Back Here" was one of those songs that while you may not know the name, you definitely know all of the words to. I know this is true because it literally just happened to me. I didn't recognize the name, but as soon as I pushed play I realized I had known the song all along.

Need a refresher? Don't worry, I've got you covered.

So now that you've said your, "OOOH, THAT SONG!" we can carry on. BBMak broke up back in 2003, but now, after 15 years, they are returning to the stage.

The band recently posted a video of them casually hanging out and singing their iconic song and it made a lot of people demand a reunion.

“Back in the day we were like brothers, and we’re dear friends still to this day because we’ve stayed in touch. We’ve seen some of the other bands come back and having a good time performing, and we missed it,” Christian Burns said to People.

When the band separated over a decade ago, two of them continued in the music industry, and the other went into personal training. But now they are feeling like it's time to return to the group.

“We had done some songs on our own and we thought, ‘We have some songs here.’ It just felt like the right time to do it," Burns said.

Reconnecting as a band could have ended up as an awkward moment, but Burns said it was "like we had never been away."

“Little things in our lives have changed, but we haven’t changed,” he said. “Back in the day we could hardly touch the ground, but this time around we’re really gonna savor a bit more and really enjoy it. We’re doing it all this time on our terms.”

They are recording new music, but they are trying their best to keep their "guitar-driven, three-part harmonies" as the focus.

“We haven’t changed our sound drastically — maybe a little bit — so the new songs definitely fit in with all the old stuff," Burns revealed.

Don't worry though, if you see them on tour they will still be playing their original hits, including "Back Here". “It’s amazing!" Burns said. "At the time the song was out we didn’t realize it was going to be such a classic,”

“We’re so excited to get back on stage,” he continued. “We’re a little nervous because it’s been 15 years, but as a whole we’re thrilled and excited to be back. We love hanging out together. We’re excited to see all the old fans again and reconnect, and to perform some new and old songs. We cannot wait to see everyone down there — it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Tickets go on sale August 31st, with shows currently scheduled for November 13th, 15th, and 19th in New York, chicago, and Los Angeles respectively.

They are, however, planning on adding more tour dates in early 2019, so if you can't make it to those shows there is still a chance you can see them.

Do you remember BBMak from back in the day?