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Behind The Scenes Photos Of The 'Top Gun' Sequel Have Leaked And It Takes Our Breath Away

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Ever since Tom Cruise revealed that he would be making a sequel to the iconic 80s movie Top Gun, we've all felt like we were on the highway to the danger zone.

Sequels can go really well, or they can be really, really bad, so we've been waiting for any little tidbits to be able to decide how we should feel about it.

With the sequel's release getting pushed back almost an entire year, people worried that it may not be all we wanted. But now things are heating up with a bunch of behind the scenes pictures popping up, and we're ready to see what's in store.

It was just a couple of months ago that Cruise shared the first photo of him back in his Maverick gear, and that alone was enough to get people psyched up.

Naturally, fans completely freaked out saying, "words can't even being to describe how excited this makes me."

But now, we've got even more photos that people have shared from behind the scenes, and we can't help but get nostalgic. All it takes is seeing Cruise in his Top Gun jumpsuit and we're ready to watch a million more movies.

Cruise was spotted at the Naval Air Station in Lemoore, California, all decked out in his Marverick outfit.

Clearly they were going to be doing some filming on location, but fans were understandably thrilled.

Turns out they were filming on a ship, and some of the Navy officers couldn't help but sneak a few pictures to share with their family.

As you can see, Cruise was filming scenes on real Navy ships, which means at least visually the movie will look legit.

You also see in another photo that he's got some stunt work to do on the ship as he's lifted into a harness with his feet dangling.

Although, compared to all of his Mission Impossible stunts, you can tell this harness doesn't bother him in the least.

Personally, I don't think I could look that calm and comfortable in a harness like that, they are notoriously awkward, but I guess if you're the one and only Tom Cruise, nothing phases you.

There are also some photos of Maverick's new ride.

Captain Pete Mitchell still flying after all these years.

Miles Teller was also said to be on site, but no photos of him leaked. Teller is going to be playing Goose's son.

Cruise was able to film in Lemoore in just a couple of days, but when he wasn't doing a scene, he was apparently very nice to the Navy officers on the secure site.

β€œHe was walking around, giving people high-fives,” the source said. "Saying 'hi' to the guys that work the tower and other departments.”

Obviously they had to restrict access to keep the A-list star safe and the movie plot under wraps, but at least we got a little hint at what's to come!

Are you excited for Top Gun 2? The movie is now set to be released on June 26th, 2020.

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