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Celebrate Boy Meets World Actor Ben Savage's Birthday With These Classic Moments

rblBoy Meets World was a great television show that was required viewing for pretty much everyone in the 90's. Kids everywhere seemed to relate to Cory and his love of Topanga, Cory and Shawn's awesome friendship and don't even get me started on the majesty that is Mr. Feeny. Ben Savage is turning 36 years old so we thought we would look back on this important television series in his honor! Check out some of the best Boy Meets World moments of Ben Savage and his cast mates.

Shawn and Cory are the greatest best friends

These guys have been best friends their whole lives. They never stop and they are a couple of adorable dorks together.

Mr. Feeny was always there when you needed him

The best teacher ever, he was the neighbor the Matthews boys turned to for advice the most.

Cory was always jealous of Shawn's hair

Poor Cory, his curls were always a problem for him. Especially compared to Shawn's dreamboat mushroom cut.

Cory knew his limitations

Cory was a kid and he knew it! He can't handle all those emotions.

Cory was always so insightful

He says things as a young teen that perfectly grown adults still don't always understand.

Cory and Topanga have always been the world's cutest couple

He was always so in love with her.

Even their first kiss was adorable

Topanga was never afraid to do what she wanted, and Cory's reaction was perfect.

Cory's brother Eric taught you all about confidence

Eric tries really hard, you have to give him that!

He even tried to help out Cory in times of need:


Topanga taught you how to be truly unique

Topanga doesn't care what you think about her. She is too busy being awesome.


Shawn taught you how to look on the bright side

That hair... Beloved by all except the actor who played him.


And finally, Mr. Feeny taught you how important a good teacher was

Who doesn't wish that Mr. Feeny was their teacher? He was the best there ever was.

Happy birthday to Ben Savage! We hope you still appreciate your Boy Meets World days, and enjoy the fact that Cory Matthews is just as big of a goober as he ever was.