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What Have The Kids Been Up To Since Leaving "Camp Nowhere?"

It was every kid's dream: go away to camp for the summer with all your friends, and absolutely no supervision. Camp Nowhere showed us what it would be like to be left to your own devices, with the only adult around a weird, in hindsight extremely creepy, former teacher.

The movie focuses on Morris "Mud" Himmel, who dreads being sent to computer camp for another summer. He and his friends come up with the plan to invent fake camps and convince their parents to send them there. They blackmail former teacher Dennis Van Welker, played by Christopher Lloyd, into helping with their scheme, and eventually find themselves at a camp with no adult supervision.


Camp Nowhere came out almost 25 years ago, and it's critically underrated. I remember seeing it for the first time on TV about 10 years after it came out and wondered how I had lived so long without it. So what has happened to the cast all these years later?

Melody Kay as Gaby Nowicki

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Gaby was the "lumpy" girl who Mud assured would grow "chests" as she got older.  She was sent to Fat Camp by her parents, but ended up at Camp Nowhere with all the others. Kay never had any huge roles, with her most recent credit being "bridesmaid" in a 2004 episode of Yes, Dear. She is now married with two kids.

Marnette Patterson as Trish Prescott

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The ditzy blond, who proudly yelled "I'M STUPID, TOO" was Zack's love interest in the film. Since then she's starred in Something So Right, and had recurring roles in Charmed, Movie Stars, and Party of Five. Patterson also appeared in American Sniper with Bradley Cooper.

Hillary Tuck as Betty Stoller

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Betty's most memorable scene is when she decided to go skinny dipping in the dirtiest water you've seen in your life. Tuck had a pretty solid run as Amy Szalinski on the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids TV show. After that, she never really found a steady role again. Tuck has still acted regularly, however, with numerous guest spots on shows like The Mentalist, Bones, and Necessary Roughness.

Nathan Cavaleri as Steve

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Steve loved his guitar more than anything, and he constantly wanted to play it. Cavaleri wasn't much different, as he was a guitar prodigy who actually toured with BB King in his teens! Now, he's the lead guitarist for the band Nat Col and The Kings.

Even those these actors are relatively nameless, there's a couple others that you might recognize.

Andrew Keegan as Zach Dell

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The bad boy who pushed Mud to be more outgoing definitely had his flaws, but deep down we knew that he just wanted to be understood. The 14-year-old mechanic who just wanted to buy some illegal beer (by pretending to be 31) was sent to military camp every year and he was finally over it, which is how he landed at Camp Nowhere. Now, Keegan is 39 and probably has no issues buying beer. He continued acting after the movie, with roles in 7th Heaven, Party of Five, and Thunder Alley. Keegan even started his own religion, because apparently you can do that?

Jessica Alba as Gail

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She may not have had a huge role in the film, but Jessica Alba made her film debut in Camp Nowhere. Alba is one of the most successful of the crew, starring in films like Honey, Fantastic Four, and Sin City. Alba also starred in the TV show Dark Angel, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe award. She also has her own line of chemical-free products, like diapers, called "The Honest Company."

Jonathan Jackson

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Mud was the ring leader of Camp Nowhere. He was just a kid that didn't want to go to computer camp anymore, but he ended up starting a revolution. Jackson's career has been non-stop since the movie ended, and honestly started before Camp Nowhere even came out. Jackson starred in 365 episodes of General Hospital, playing the role of Lucky Spencer since 1993. He won five Daytime Emmy awards for his efforts, growing up in front of the audience's eyes. In 2012, Jackson landed the role of Avery Barkley on the hit show Nashville. He's been on the show ever since, starring alongside Hayden Pannettiere.

Jackson also has his own band, called Enation. They're an indie rock band who currently have 10 albums out.

Do you remember watching "Camp Nowhere"?