Can You Tell Which Movie Star Is In This 80s Interview Clip?

It can be really surprising to see how some of today's biggest movie stars looked when they were young. Some are exactly the same, and some are unrecognizable unless you know who you're looking at.

In that spirit, we have a little quiz that 80s movie fans will love. This young actor is still a Hollywood star today, but he looks pretty different in this clip from a 1987 TV interview.

We'll give you three clues to help figure out who this young star is:

1. This was his first TV interview.

2. He's British.

3. Here's a big one: he's doing an interview for his role in a Steven Spielberg movie.

Have you got it yet, or are you ready to give up?

Alright, no more guesses, the answer is....

That's right! This  young movie star is a 13-year-old Christian Bale. Did you guess right?

As you can see, even though it's his first big interview for his first big role, Bale is very professional despite his young age.

A few important takeways from this interview: first, where can we get that sweater? Because it is awesome.

Second, Gene Shalit must be psychic. At the end of the interview he tells Bale "I think you can have a very, very good career," and that he's "sure that we'll see a lot more of you on the screen in the years to come."

Boy, was he right!

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