Britney Spears' Kids Scare The Crap Out Of Her, And Her Scream Is Definitely Not Lip-Synced

Just because you're a pop-star doesn't mean your kids won't still be brats once in a while. And we mean brats in the most loving way possible. Britney Spears' sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, stole the singer's phone and decided to play a little prank on her. They hid in the dark hallway and jumped out at her as she walked by. Her reaction is priceless.                                                            Instagram video by


20 Reasons Why Will Smith Deserves The Happiest Birthday Ever

Will Smith is a national treasure. That's just a fact and you cannot try to tell me otherwise. Will Smith's birthday (Sept. 25th) should probably be a holiday because he has given us so much to celebrate in his 48 years. This weekend, take a moment to watch some of the most amazing Will Smith memories and share them with everyone you know. From his movies, to his music videos and even his talk show appearances, Will Smith really is a joy to watch.        Giphy    He knows how to make an entranceEven if it


Does Everybody Still Know Their Names? What Are The Stars Of Cheers Up To Now?

Cheers was one of those shows that everyone watched. When I say every, I really mean EVERYONE. The show ran for eleven seasons and then managed to spin off into the hit show Frasier which had its own 11 season run. That's a lot of TV inspired by a show in a bar! It was always the relationships and goofy characters that kept you coming back for more all played perfectly by this impressive cast. Take a look at what they all look like now.        Giphy    Ted Danson - Sam MaloneTed Danson has been


90's Heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas Turns 35 - What Is He Up To Now?

Everyone's favorite Taylor Brother is turning 35, and while you groan about how old that makes you, let's take a moment and appreciate all that he gave us. The 90's star was a staple in every Teen Beat Magazine but had taken a step back from acting until the last two years. In 2013 JTT rejoined his former TV-dad Tim Allen in the show Last Man Standing. But before you can look forward, you must look back. Way back.        Giphy    The 90's were a cruel and colorful mistressPoor JTT, he never had a chance.


21 Celebs From Your Childhood: Then and Now

Everyone had their childhood celeb crush. How could you not? They strategically picked the cutest kids for that reason.But where did they all end up? Child stars are notorious for heading down bad paths. The money, the fame, they have access to everything they want. Get reacquainted with some of our favorite child stars from the past. Did yours make the list? 1. Jenna von Oy, as Six Lemure on "Blossom"Jenna, now 39, is married with one daughter. Her most recent role was a film called "Lukewarm" in 2012. She also starred in the "Moesha" spin-off, "The Parkers.