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Celebrating 600 Episodes Of The Simpsons With 28 Of The Best Moments

The Simpsons has entered its 28th season and just hit the milestone that is so rarely achieved by scripted TV shows: 600 episodes. It has taken the title from "Lassie" as the second longest running scripted series. They will need to get to 635 episdoes to beat "Gunsmoke" but it is already one of only two television shows in history to reach 600 episodes. The show has been running since 1989 and has become a staple in pop culture references. Here are 28 of the best moments we can remember from the series to celebrate it's 600th episode and 28 seasons!


When The Simpsons watched cartoons

When Homer became a gun enthusiast

When Homer expressed how we all feel when we try to assemble things.

Hans Moleman may be the greatest American hero.

When Grandpa had some issues with nature

When Marge got away from a cult

When Homer was in a band

When Chief Wiggum surprised himself

When Cletus predicted the future

When everything was FINALLY coming up Milhouse

When Bart was in a boy band with secret messages in their songs.

When Lisa had a rough day

But she danced it off so it's fine.

When Bart broke his leg and started to get cabin fever.

When Ralph had some issues with grammar.

When everyone thought Mr. Burns was an alien.

When Bart and Lisa found a way to blame the fight on each other

When Homer had one of his incredibly rare sweet moments

When Bart's future looked a little iffy.

When Ralph had a crush on Lisa

When the goggles did nothing


When Flanders was too sexy


When Homer represented all of us who can't cook.


When Smithers had an interesting dream


When Homer thought he must kill Moe


When Sideshow Bob had some issues with rakes.


When Maggie had a long time feud.


And anytime the town broke into choreographed dance numbers.